The Kameleon – Ultimate Travel Dress

To pop the term ‘ultimate’ in your product’s name is pretty ballsy – some might say its outright cocky.

However after meeting Leila – designer of this little frock at The Outdoor show t’other month – we can vouch that none of the above apply. She’s just quietly confident that this is a good, and more importantly useful product.

During her travels she shared the frustration that many female travellers have – that we want to look stylish yet need functional, multi use clothing and that’s not always possible with what’s currently available. So being a problem solving kind of chick she designed the Kameleon – the ultimate travel dress..

kameleon travel dress

..but is it is worthy of the ‘ultimate’ moniker? I’ve popped my pre-production sample version to the test over the past couple of months, wearing it in the various ways demonstrated on the Kameleon Rose website and have to confess to having been really impressed, and here’s why…

The first outing was on a hot 1000-mile plus car journey across Europe. When sitting – slowly simmering in your own sweat – you want to be comfortable, so I wore the Kameleon in an MC hammer pants kind of way which allowed me to squirm, wiggle and pop my feet up on the dash (much to hubby’s annoyance) whilst staying cool, ventilated and comfortable.

The jersey fabric felt soft against my skin and didn’t crease or rumple – so I was able to fall out of the car and into a restaurant without looking like the travelling hobo I was.

Interestingly the fabric is made from a mix 95% recycled polyester (so you can tick the green credentials and thus feel slightly smug and virtuous whilst wearing it) and it also has 5% spandex – meaning it has a little stretch to it.

More recently I’ve worn it as a floaty skirt – teamed with a shirt for smarter work days and t-shirts for casual, and I’ve not felt out of place in either scenario.

kameleon travel dress

Thanks to the recent ‘Spanish Plume’ heating things up here in the UK I also got to try out the strapless dress/pant set-up and managed to avoid some dodgy strap lines -whilst out and about with the dog, the ability to button up the bottom as shorts protecting my modesty whilst scrambling up some unexpected steep bits.

Flipping the dress over and adjusting the buttons and wearing as a bat-winged top garnered me some lovely compliments. You could then pull the bottom bit down as a fitted skirt, but my rather rotund rear pushed the stretch of the fabric a tad too far and it went a bit see-through.

kameleon travel dress

Made in Madagascar, the quality of manufacture is impressive – even on my sample version. The little gathered details front and back are really flattering, the buttons are delightfully chunky and the little detail on them appeals to my girly side.

kameleon buttons

The addition the of the hidden zippered pocket is surprisingly useful. Useful for stashing my phone and car key on my aforementioned dog walks. Or if overseas, storing your hotel key and an emergency credit card.

kameleon pocket

It’s been bunged in the wash several times on a 30c to see how it would survive and is still looking as good as new, and an unexpected plus is that it dries really quickly- perfect for travel.

Available four sizes – small, medium, large & extra large. I’m a UK 12 and have been wearing the medium which has felt perfect for all the set-ups I would choose to wear this dress.

I was a bit concerned that wearing as a skirt and then expecting it to still feel secure when worn pulled up over the bust would make it feel stretched and loose, but this hasn’t happened.

Colour wise you can choose yours in black, vibrant red, khaki or royal blue.

So, “ultimate”? Yeah, I reckon this frock can get away with using that title. It’ll certainly feature in my bag on future trips and I quite fancy a red version if you’re reading Mr Claus.

4-hammersPrice: €75 (Pre-order discount code: KAMELEONLOVE2 for 15% off, valid until 30/09/16)
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