The Bunjee – Drop-proof phone retainer

Great idea, subjective in practice

MyBunjee have some very interesting statistics on their homepage. Apparently 189,000 people in the UK claimed for a broken phone last year because it ‘fell out of their pocket’. And another 175,000 because it ‘fell on the floor’.

That’s quite staggering. And since it could be argued that it’s in the phone company, provider and insurer’s interest to keep these statistics high so you keep getting replacement handsets, it must be a terrible pain in the backside re-entering all those numbers you have stored.

MyBunjee’s answer to this problem comes in the form of a £6.95 silicone band, which wraps around your phone and is attached to a stretchy coil of plastic. You clip the end of this coil to your bag, trousers or something you won’t drop, and voila… if you let go of your phone it will bounce around harmlessly above the floor.

It works really quite well in practice. It’s short enough that if I have it clipped to my belt, I can make a call and let it drop to just above my ankle.

Being a generically sized product obviously has its limitations. The Bunjee isn’t the prettiest thing in the world, although the black version is less screamy. The coil of plastic feels really cheap, and the tiny clip isn’t big enough to easily attach to belt loops. If they could make a nicer bungee-cord version, with a small carabiner perhaps, this could be a really nice product indeed.

SUMMARY: The Bunjee works well, but it’s no looker. Sure, it’s only a £7 product, but it looks like a £7 product… if they made it a little nicer looking and charged £10-12 I’d award it a better rating.

 Price: £6.95
 From: MyBunjee 

  • haha, this looks like something you found in a pound shop!

  • Lisa Arthur

    Oh Fantastic – I am looking at promotional items for my mobile device management project – ie software looking after security on phones – and this will suit the sales team very nicely THANK! yOU!