Teva – Womens Kimtah Boots

A fair few years ago I was lucky enough to take 6 months off work and go traveling around Australia, New Zealand and South America (Bolivia was my favourite stop). It was a self-propelled journey, no swanky tour buses or guides – the budget wouldn’t allow it – so everything I took with me was going to be carried by me for the duration.

That meant being very strict with shoes because they are heavy.  Now, those that have visited my home will tell you I have a thing for shoes. I won’t tell you how many I own, but rest assured it’d probably make Imelda Marcos blush! So, traveling light was tough, but I decided to be ruthless and for my trip, I plumped for just a pair of flip flops and a pair of sensible walking shoes.

The walking shoes I bought for the trip were a pair of Tevas and they saw me through the 6 months – worn almost constantly – brilliantly. So when I was offered these Kimtah’s to test I was a bit surprised to realise that I hadn’t used a pair since then and rather excited to see how these would fair. If I’m honest I had big expectations based on my previous experience.


I haven’t been disappointed. Comfortable straight out of the box, and size wise they have been just great on my wide fitting feet. (I’ve been struggling when testing some other brands recently who seem to be rather narrow)

Over the recent months, they’ve been regularly trudged up forestry paths, through a rubbly old quarry and even indulged in a spot of gardening and not once have they let me down.

The cut of the boot is rather low so I was concerned that my ankles would take a bit of battering – particularly on the loose rock in the quarry but the grip has been consistently sure and true and I’ve not experienced any issues on that front.


I was surprised and how insulated my foot felt from lumps and bumps, whilst still allowing me to feel sure-footed and aware of my terrain. A quick peek at the specs reveal the Kimtah’s have a ‘Mush Infused Insole and ShocPad heel.’  I have no idea what ‘Mush infused’ is, but clearly it works!

The styling is a bit old school being a brushed leather – they reminded me of my first ever walking boots purchased for my DofE – thankfully that’s where the reminiscing ended as those old boots were unforgiving and totally mullered my feet. The Kimtah are cosy and inviting.


The boots are lined with an eVent waterproof membrane, so if like me you are bit lax in treating and caring for your boots your toes will remain dry and warm. It will be interesting to see how sweaty this makes the boots as the weather warms up, however a gander at the Teva website reveals they also do a mesh version. So if hot feet are an issue there is a summer weight version available, and if my experience of these boots is anything to go by, then investing in a second pair would be worth the additional pennies.

I’ve also spotted that they do some nice looking fashion boots which have just awoken my inner Imelda… ciao.

5-hammersPrice: £120
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