Teva – Jordanelle Winter Boots

The first thing that you notice about the Teva Jordanelle sample we were sent is that they are pink…very pink. I was a bit put-off by this at first as I was a bit worried about being self-conscious. But they’ve grown on me and really do stand out against all the other brown/black boots in my cupboard – I kinda like that.

They are a style of boot that’s been called a moon boot or snowboot in my household. I grew up in Germany where it got really cold in winter and sturdy footwear is a must if you want to leave your house over the winter months. The styling of these is familiar to me because of that, and is a sort of cross between an apres-ski boot and a European winter insulated boot. However, its not something I’ve seen too much of here in the UK in the past. Perhaps recent white-winters have opened up a market for these here and we’ll be seeing more of their ilk.

They are so toasty and warm its like wearing little hot water bottles on both of your feet. I volunteer for a local food market and this usually involves standing around on cold pavements for 4 hours at a time. In anything other than these Teva boots my feet soon go numb. The warmth is due to the Thinsulate in the removable inner bootie, which also has its own rubberised sole, insulating the foot further from cold coming up from the ground.
This little inner bootie is rather cool and if removed it doubles as a great slipper for those unheated laminate or stone floors we seem to have everywhere now. Due to it having its own rubber sole you can also nip outside to take the bin out without risking falling on your butt, which for me is a god-send.  Its plaid pattern does rather remind me of something my granny used to own but I’ll overlook that due to its usefulness.

Removing the inner-bootie from the boot is a straightforward affair as its just held in by some strategically placed Velcro. Getting it back in and sitting correctly needs a bit of a wiggle and a dose more attention to detail.

The main boot sports a rather substantial rubber sole which is made from something called Spider Rubber. As the name suggests is super sticky and apart from a bit of a skid on some seriously boggy mud the soles have more than done their job on the traction front during my various strolls and hikes. The grip pattern is aggressive and seems to clear mud quite well.

The boots are incredibly light despite this oversized sole, and to pick them up for the first time will cause a raised eyebrow of surprise at their lack of mass.

The main boot is waterproof and has survived really well in this year’s soggy and wet winter, I even did the accidental submerge-my-foot-in-a-deep-puddle test and was very pleased to come home with dry socks.

The other great thing about this boot is that they are very squishable so you don’t need to pack them in their own bag/suitcase like you do with wellies when going away. So long as they’re clean (which is an easy thing to achieve), they will fold and roll up in to quite an impressively small package. Great for taking on vacation.

My one ‘issue’ with them – and I’m not sure its that big a deal – is that due to the design they are a bit of mission to put on. You need to pretty much undo the laces all the way down to give you enough space/width to get your foot in, and putting your foot in does require a bit of jiggling and wiggling. Then there’s the time needed to adjust and tie the long laces. For this reason I don’t wear them for my early morning dog walk as I’m just not awake enough for the faff and the dog starts giving me the evil eye if I keep him waiting too long.

That said, for all other longer walks these have been great and once on they stay on. As with other Teva’s I’ve tested in the past these have been comfy straight out of the box. I would recommend ordering a size bigger than you are, to allow for a bit of toe wiggle room and option for extra socks if you are using these on the slopes. Many of my friends and family members have coveted them and I suspect that is not only down to me raving about them but also the very pinkness of them. I am surprised when going onto TEVA’s website to only see them listed in black.

Due to the super warmth of these boots I would say you can only use them for 3/4 months of the year (more if you don’t mind sweaty feet or are happy to take the liner out and wear them as a bigger boot) but at £110 i think they are a great price for the boot you are getting.

SUMMARY: Very warm, adaptable winter boots with great traction, a comfortable fit and no more bells and whistles than are necessary. They look great in subtle black or unsubtle pink, depending on your taste.

  • Julia Morum

    I have these boots in black , they are amazing I love them, especially the inner you can take out and use as a slipper . I live in Queenstown NZ and these are the warmest boots ever in the snow and the only boots that keep my feet warm on cold icy mornings !