Teva – Arrowood Lux WP

Possibly the most comfortable shoes I’ve tried on for a while, the Teva Arrowood Lux WP are the footwear equivalent of strapping a pair of pillows to your feet.

tevaLooks-wise mine arrived in an interesting shade of brown referred to as ‘Cognac’ (also available in a grey or pale blue), and with their leather upper and fat white Float-Lite sole they struck me as looking like the love child of a pair of desert boots and a pair of moon boots.
Once they were laced onto to my feet however, complete with snazzy triangular eyelet hooks, they look pretty normal – I sauntered off for my first dog-walk with them on with no need for a balaclava.
I was however wearing a lot of waterproof gear, including the awesome Didricksons Lush jacket  because it was absolutely HOOFING it down. Ideal for testing the waterproof claim on the box!
 With their built-in PU removable sock liner, they stood up to the challenge well – I waded through flash-flood created puddles (GrumbleTheDog wasn’t quite sure what was going on) and wet grass and my toes stayed perfectly dry. They dried out well too – the leather didn’t stain or discolour.
teva skid
 My only criticism of these shoes is related to the grip – they’re designed to be waterproof, and they do handle wet grass and uneven ground really well, but they fall down flat in the face of mud. This was demonstrated by several unexpected skidding incidents as I made my way down a muddy path, narrowly avoiding falling down flat myself.


These shoes are great ‘country mooching’ shoes – perfect for walking over uneven terrain, through long wet grass, and great on Tarmac too. The pillow-like comfort and waterproofness is a great combination, and they look smart with jeans, so you don’t look like you’ve dressed for the Himalayas when you’re wandering around National Trust gardens and the like. Stay away from muddy banks though!

4-hammersPrice: £100
More: Teva (Men’s version also available)