Ternua – Whale Land Women’s Jacket

A Guest Review by Jodie.

I really, REALLY want to love this top and I’ll tell you why…
For a long-bodied freak like me (Ed: 22 inches from neck to coccyx, she’s like a giraffe) it’s a great length –  something which is such a rare occurance that I tend to get a tad over excited, and I am very over excited by this top! I’m also really impressed by the cut and styling. Its clearly been made with the fairer sex in mind and cinches in at all the right places. The fit is exceptional right down to the height of the neck and general snugness. I’d like to see  thumb holes in the sleeves as this would make a great running top, and it makes layering up that bit easier as you don’t have to spend 10mins chasing your sleeves.

I have a particular dislike of overt branding on clothing – there’s no way I’d buy a t-shirt emblazoned with a brand name as I feel they should be paying me to advertise for them. On this jacket the Ternua logo has been used quite a bit, but it passes my slightly snobbish test as it’s pretty inoffensive – it looks like a whale’s tail – and it has been used fairly discreetly. There is a large logo on the side of the jacket, but it just about passes as a pattern.


I’m not too keen on the colour of my test version – someone said I look like an alien and, although I’m loathed to agree, I think they’re right. That said, I wore it during a weekend away and our companions didn’t all reach for their sunglasses so I guess it’s acceptable for trip to the pub. And clearly there’s no danger of losing me in a crowd.

It’s been worn on a couple of hikes and I’ve felt nice and snug due to its close fit. For warmth it’s one of the best mid-layers I’ve tried and I think that has a lot to do with the snugness.

Despite my enthusiasm I can’t rank this top as perfect, and that’s because the finish is disappointing. It’s so nearly brilliant and then falls at the last hurdle…
After a single day of wearing I noticed bobbling on both arms caused by rubbing on the pocket zippers. A week’s worth of wear and I had bobbling appearing around the pockets themselves as well. The material (Polartec’s Power Dry) is obviously not meant to be used in combination with abrasive things like zips!
And sadly, what is a jacket with great manufacturing quality elsewhere, the main zipper has been finished at the chin with an exposed and sharp edge which catches on your skin. I had to take some scissors to it, which isn’t really acceptable.

Sharp zipper ends, in white

SUMMARY: Ternua’s jacket has all the right ingredients – a high-spec material, great fit and nice features, but lacks the finesse and finish to make it a great garment. It’s comfortable, warm and a joy to wear. I really do think it’s a great top, and if they can improve the build quality and address the bobbling then I would dearly love to do a re-test. As it stands it only gets 3 hammers.

Price: I can’t find it on the web, sorry!
From: Ternua.com