Tenn – Cycling Jersey

If, like me, you like long sunny bike rides, then you will appreciate the need for good quality, and above all, comfortable clothing. The kind that fits well and keeps you cool when you need it to. So when the ‘Blend Performance’ short sleeved cycling top by Tenn Outdoors, arrived at my door I was keen to give it a try.


I was immediately impressed by the good quality look and feel of the garment, being manufactured from 80% recycled polyester and 20% recycled S.Cafe coffee polyester.

According to Tenn, the recycled coffee grounds infuse the garment with high wicking and fast drying properties, the force of the sun, wind or water helping to release odours from the fabric, together with the mesh side panels, keeping the wearer cool and refreshed throughout the ride.

We’d be more dubious about this technology if it weren’t from a massive manufacturer called SINGTEX, who supply materials to a lot of the world’s leading brands, and are the kind of company that have a lot of money (and coffee grounds) to throw at new materials. We’re still not exactly sure how they merge the polyester and coffee grounds… and whether or not it washes out over time.


So with the mercury nudging the mid-twenties, I donned the skin tight top and headed out for a pre-Prudential Ride London 100, 35 mile training ride, making sure that the three rear pockets were stuffed with the usual spare innertubes, tyre levers, pump, phone and money etc. The jersey also, having a useful small zipped rear pocket for keys and other valuables.

I immediately found the jersey to be comfortable, the full length YKK zip being a boon too, enabling me to lower it for additional ventilation on particularly hot and humid climbs.

Whilst on the move the top felt ‘right’and didn’t ride up or sag at the neck due to the weight of  the stuff stored in the rear pockets. It kept me cool too – never sticking to me and feeling clammy as some others do.


There is a choice of two colour ways, black/cyan, as I tested and also black/red.

After the first wash it still looks as good as new, and with a price tag of £44.99 it stacks up favourably with other jerseys I own that have cost far more.

To summarise I would have to say that the `Blend Performance` cycling top by Tenn Outdoors would be a very worthy addition to any serious cyclists wardrobe.