Teko – Sin3rgi Socks

Teko are not a brand to sit still – on the back of their brilliant Evapor8 recycled technology from last year, they have launched a new range, that they are calling Sing3rgi that fits neatly between their classic merino trekking socks and the aforementioned EV8.


On the material front these socks feature 50% Merino wool and 50% recycled polyester – made from recycled plastic bottles. The merino is sourced from South America and washed with a non-chlorine process.

Now these socks hold a seriously impressive amount of tech – 13 specific areas, from cushioned zones to seamless toes to wrap systems. Thats pretty gobsmaking for something that you tug over your tootsies.

We’ll be testing to see if it all works in due course, but one thing’s for sure they are a good looking pair of sox!

Price from £12.95