Teko – Merino Womens’ Midweight Hiking Socks

You might not know it, but not all socks are made equal… and these Teko Merino wool hiking socks, designed specifically for womens’ feet prove my point perfectly.

Teko My Feet

Whilst obviously all socks are designed for the same purpose, (to put on your feet to protect them from shoe rub), some socks are simply superior. These socks from Teko are superior in so many ways that I shall list just a few for you:

  1. Firstly they are made of Merino wool (and if you care about such things, the Merino wool is certified organic). Why is this a good thing – because Merino wool wicks away sweat and condensation and damp and keeps your feet dry even on a long old hike. Tested by me – proven by the socks.
  2. The socks are designed to suit a woman’s foot. They are narrower basically! Also, because the wool they are made of is mixed with a little nylon and a soupcon of Lycra, they hug your feet and your ankles making you feel supported from the ground up.
  3. The sock designers have made these for hiking…so they are thick enough to wear in big boots, but not so thick that you can’t bend your toes. What’s more, they have some sort of funky thing going on to make your arches feel supported.
  4. They are seamless – of critical importance when hiking, because if anything is going to start rubbing, develop into a sore patch, grow into a blister and cause absolute agony by the end of a day it’s a badly placed sock seam. (I know this from bitter and miserable experience back in the days when I foolishly thought cotton socks were acceptable footwear for a mountain romp…you live and you learn).
  5. They don’t tend to smell sweaty even on a hot day, and they don’t seem to shrink (although I only ever wash anything at 40 degrees centigrade…and I assume if you attempted to boil wash them they’d shrivel up because they are made of wool.)
  6. There’s something about the composition of these Teko socks that makes my feet tingle. It’s a lovely sparkly feeling. It’s difficult to describe. It’s not that the socks are scratchy, because they’re not. But they aren’t so soft and they don’t disappear into nothingness when you have them on making you think your feet are naked. I think it might be because they cling firmly and are ribbed, and because they are made of wool. They simply feel really nice. I enjoy just wearing them about the house…never mind on a long old hike in the hills.

To be honest there is very little more I have to say on the matter. These are an excellent pair of well constructed, well considered socks, suitable for wear on a relatively long hike…which is exactly what they are designed for. They do smell a bit sheep like, but as a sheep farmer’s daughter I don’t have a problem with this!

However, the marketers at Teko have many more things they like to say about their products…they market them as organic, chlorine-free, made using wind-power (I’m not making this up… I honestly couldn’t)…

Teko Packaging

And Teko rather confidently (possibly because it’s an American company?) boast that these socks are “guaranteed most comfortable – most-durable.” Can such a promise be substantiated? I just don’t know. Oh, and another thing Teko likes to tell you is that the packaging the socks come in is made of 100% recycled paper and printed with soy-based inks…

To conclude – apart from feeling a little as though I’m not actually worthy of these socks because I’m not an out and out eco warrior who cares about the composition of sales packaging or the fact my socks are made using wind power…I really do rate these socks. And remember, if you’re still in half a mind whether all socks are made equal I can categorically assure you they are not. Try these Teko ones and discover the truth!


5-hammers Price: £14.95

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  • Chris Donald

    I have tried various socks but Teko are simply the best.