Muddy Puddles – Originals All-in-One

Having seen other children togged out in Muddy Puddles gear in the past, and deducing that the name of the company probably represented their product offering quite well, I opted to buy a Muddy Puddles Originals all-in-one waterproof suit for the worst of Britain’s wet weather.

There’s a lot to like about this product – but a few things which I really don’t like…

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Wisepilot – GPS navigation app

Wisepilot features a rich assortment of ways to find interesting destinations, which could suit the wanderers amongst us. This is also particularly useful when your destination is a bit random, like a particular junction or carpark without its own postcode. And of course for when you don’t actually have any familiarity with where you’re going – like trying to find the nearest petrol station.

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OLight – Intimidator 2200 Lumen Torch

Should you need an extremely heavy, extremely rugged torch which is bright enough to completely blind anyone caught in its beam and shrivel up plant-life, then this bad-boy is for you. If you need to look at things close up, forget it – it’s too bright and you’ll blind yourself in its reflected glare. WAY too heavy for most people – it makes a Maglite feel like a feather.

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