Securikey T-Reign – ProLink Smartphone Holster/Tether

Two things are addressed by this little gadget from Securikey T-Reign. Firstly, glass screens. So many good things about them, and yet, they have a tendency to shatter when they’re dropped. And secondly, my entire life is now in my phone. If I lost it, it’d be a major pain in the backside.

So, the funky little ProLink Holster, Case and Tether combo from T-Reign could well be the answer I’ve been looking for.

treign-prolink1What you get is a tough bumper case for your phone (iPhone 4 or 5 models available) which clips around it in two parts and holds together securely. It has holes for the volume buttons, speaker and headphone jack, as well as the power button. It’s probably worth saying that the case doesn’t give any protection from water or dust, if that’s a factor in what you’re doing outdoors, so probably isn’t ideal for the British wet winter. (They do a water-resistant case called the ProCase – see link below)

I almost never wear anything clipped to my belt, but the belt-clip supplied is very strong and can be fitted to a backpack strap if you, like me, prefer that option. The phone case then snaps in to this belt-clip / holster with a positive click and, unless you want it to, it’s not going anywhere. What’s neat is that you can snap the case in with the phone’s screen pointing inward or outward. I prefer inward to give the screen some protection.

In case you are ham-fisted, the case and holster are connected with a retractable tether. The cord tether is 3ft long and the idea is that you can’t become separated from your phone, and it’s unlikely to hit the ground if you drop it. Instead, it’ll hit you in the knee.


The T-Reign ProLink is built to last. I’ve been pulling on the tether for ages and it has remained smooth and reliable. The all-plastic holster and case have no delicate, snappy-off parts and the case is a good fit for the phone.

What’s nice is that T-Reign seem to have realised that a permanant tether isn’t for everyone, so it’s releasable. The whole setup is also supplied with an elasticated wristcord  – which also securely attaches to the phone case – and you can tailor it to your needs.

Price wise, the set comes in at £44, or significantly less ($40) if you hop a plane to the US. Not a bad price for a solid and seemingly reliable piece of kit.

4-hammers Price: £44
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