Swiss Tech Utili-Key

Should you ever leave the house with just your keys and some pocket change and then be unlucky enough to find yourself trapped in a hunter’s noose, or required to fix a small child’s bicycle to impress his cute elder sister, or even those worst of situations; a friend’s impromptu barbeque gathering, then fear not if you have the Swiss Tech Utili-Key to hand.

What is possibly the best multi-tool ever designed (and certainly the simplest) contains a whopping SIX features in no more than the size of a door key:
A straight knife blade;
a serrated cutting surface;
a flat screwdriver;
a Phillips screwdriver;
a micro-sized screwdriver;
and a bottle opener

Mine has been around the world with me (literally) and I’ve found occasion to use every one of the tools when without any other tool. The knife blade is very sharp, and the screwdriver is great because of the leverage you get from the L-shaped key.

Just don’t do what I always find myself doing; fretting that I’ll be locked up and strip-searched at Airport security because I’ve forgotten to put my Utili-Key in my checked bags. (That said, it’s never been spotted).

SUMMARY: I regard this as the best always-at-hand multi-tool I’ve ever used. Keep your Leathermans, your Victorinoxes and your Machetes. If MacGyver can escape any situation using a paper-clip, then you can do it using this.

Price: $7-10ish

From: Google Shopping

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  • Riceburner

    Thanks for reminding me of this great little tool.
    I had one which lasted for quite a few years before the rivet in the hinge "went" and it fell apart. But then I was in the habit of fiddling with it in my pocket, and it was abused quite a lot.
    Have reminded myself to get another, well worth it!

  • Helen B

    A great multi-tool that I’ve always taken with me on trekking holidays and always needed to use.