Sun Sniper – Camera strap

If you’ve got an SLR Camera, or even a compact camera, the chances are that it came with some kind of strap to carry it with. So, you’d be forgiven for thinking that this review is pretty pointless. I wasn’t convinced when I first saw the Sunsniper, but after a quick demo it immediately became obvious that this is much more than a bog-standard carry strap.

Camera rests naturally on your hip (image courtesy Sunsniper)

Supplied in a number of different flavours of thickness and length, I tested out the Compact model with my Canon D500 SLR. I’d already taken the Canon strap off the camera because it got on my norks when I was walking with the camera. You have a choice of either wearing Canon’s strap around your neck, in which case the camera continually knocks into your sternum, or over a shoulder, in which case the strap cuts into your neck or friction burns you as you pull the camera around for a shot.

Screw that.

The Sunsniper is designed to be worn as the latter – over your shoulder. However, it differs from the Canon strap in that the strap stays still, with the comfy pad on your shoulder, and the camera slides up and down it. It sounds odd, but in practice to take a photo you just pull the camera from your hip to your eyeline in one movement, and the Sunsniper doesn’t get tangled, twisted or pulled over your skin.

Attaching to the camera is the clever bit. Sunsniper have a stainless steel screw which goes into the tripod mount. This screw then spins freely on the strap in 3-dimensions so that the webbing never shifts around – all the movement in any direction is done by the screw.

Padded and non-slip

The strap is adjustable in length so you can fine-tune where the camera sits on your hip (or lower back if you shove it around there), which is a very comfortable and natural place to carry it. It doesn’t feel as vulnerable on the trail when it sits behind you.

The strap is then padded with a comfy foam section that is backed with a non-slip fabric. The weight of the camera is nicely dispersed through this pad so you don’t get fatigued.

And lastly, the whole strap has a wire running through it so that if someone tries to cut the Sunsniper off you and steal your camera, they’ll be in for a tough time of it. So confident are Sunsniper in their strap that if your camera IS stolen because the strap is cut, they’ll give you $500US.

At 49EUR (shipped from Germany) the Sunsniper isn’t cheap. But it is very well made, high-quality and has genuinely improved my life on the trail with a camera. Well worth it in my opinion.

SUMMARY: The Sunsniper is a simple but clever replacement for your camera strap which lets the camera rest naturally on your hip and be used in an instant without twisted or chafing straps. It’s very comfortable and secure, and features an anti-theft wire running through it. The screw (to fix the camera on) is excellent.

 Price: 49EUR
 More: Sunsniper 

  • Looks like a good idea – unless you are intending to use a tripod regularly. Then it would be a real faff. I carry the camera with a tripod quick-release plate attached, so it can go onto the tripod in a second. This would make that impossible.
    And we all ought to use tripods more often, right?