Sub Zero – Polar Thermal Fleece Jacket

There’s a new saying in our household; “As snug as a bug in a Sub Zero Fleece”.


I’m a bit stingy when it comes to running the central heating at home. With the exception of an hour in the morning and a couple of hours in the evening when The Wife needs her NCIS and cocoa on the sofa, it can be see-your-breath cold in our living room, and the kitchen floor requires crampons. So, I find myself working from home and wearing a variety of very warm jackets. The Sub Zero Polar Thermal Fleece has been my jacket of choice for the last month.

Fleeces, as opposed to micro-fleeces, appear to have fallen out of fashion in the last couple of years. We’re more used to being told to layer up with thin and functional layers, and store shelves are lined with garments which use technical words to convince you that they’re ‘the latest thing’.

Well, this jacket is a more ‘classic’ 200 weight polar fleece which looks and feels like a thick wool. I just measured it and a double layer comes in at a whopping 1.5cm thick. It not only looks warm, but feels warm (psychologically as well as in reality).

With a full-length front zip, and the inherent nature of fleece material to be breathable, wearing the jacket isn’t a stifling experience. It’s easy to vary your temperature by opening the zip and rolling up the sleeves.

There’s an elastic drawstring at the waist to keep out the worst of the chilly breezes, but this isn’t a windproof fleece, so if it’s a cold, windy day then you’ll need a lightweight windproof jacket over the top to stop your heat being pulled away.

Two very large and snuggly handwarmer pockets keep your mitts warm, but aren’t zippered, so are not perfect for storing wallets.

One thing that caught my eye is that the jacket has an SPF of 100+, which is nice to know if you’re on the slopes in sun. I got burnt through a merino T-shirt a couple of weeks ago, so I’m now acutely aware of SPF in clothing.

And now for the elephant in the room: Price. It’s £99. That’s a lot for a fleece, even if it is made in the UK and backed by a great warranty. Even if it is well-made and really warm and cosy. It’s more expensive than 200 weight fleeces from other brands, and for that I have to mark it down.

  A really, really warm and snugly fleece jacket which is a great place to crawl in to on a cold day. Not windproof, but otherwise great winter protection. It’s just a little expensive.

 Price: £99
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