Sub Zero – Factor 2 inner gloves

We’ve had a surprisingly mild winter this year, but I still find it a little chilly on the hands during those early morning dog-walks, and up on the hills. But I’m not keen on big bulky gloves unless the conditions are pretty brutal. So, when British company Sub Zero sent me a release on their range I plumped for their Factor 2 inner gloves to give a try.


Not too thick, but still warm enough to take the bite out of a chilly morning. The Factor 2 gloves are made from a mid-weight thermal fabric which is mostly Polyester (so they wick sweat) and a bit of spandex to give them stretch and keep them fitting like a, er, glove. The inside face is a soft, fleecy material which is pleasant to the touch and traps nice warm air.

The gloves don’t come too far up the wrist, but on me they’re long enough to cover up to any sleeve, eliminating that cold-air gap which can be annoying.

And the construction is of the box type, so you get seams at the tops and bottoms of your fingers, not directly between them.

What more to say? They’re nice, simple, warm gloves. If that’s what you need, give them a look.

Price: £17.99
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