Strider – Hot Pad Hand Warmer

I sat down to type up a review and realised that I couldn’t feel my fingertips properly, such is the chill in the air today. So I abandoned that idea and set about testing the Strider Hot Pad Hand Warmer that’s been sitting in my pack ‘in case of emergencies’ for the last few months. I deem the inability to open a Twix bar without using my teeth as an emergency.

Look out for these on a cashtill near you

Sold in a cheap-looking plastic sachet, the Hot Pad takes the guise of a particularly thick teabag, and as you rip open the packaging you’re left wondering how it works. There’s no button, clicker or evidence of any mechanism on the teabag, and a good feel of it reveals nothing but powder inside.

And there’s no immediate warming effect either, so you suffer a few minutes of British cynicism before the chemical reaction (presumably one between the powder inside and moisture in the air) starts to build any heat. However, after a couple of minutes it does indeed become warm. And after 15 minutes it’s warm enough to justify the name Hot Pad.

The packaging says it’ll get to between 50-55C for up to 8 hours. I tested mine with a kitchen thermometer after 30 mins and it was at 40.1C, which is something like a pleasant warm water from a bathroom sink.

Priced at 99p for a pack of two pads (each one can be used separately) the Hot Pads are a bit of a bargain for those of you who suffer from very occasional cold hands. If you’re a regular sufferer, then you’ll probably be better off looking at a more re-usable solution like the type you need to boil for 5 minutes to reactivate. The Strider Hot Pads are a one-time use affair.

That said, I like them. Being the paranoid type, I’m going to keep a couple in my pack (total weight 34g per pad)  in case I’m ever caught out. They’re lighter than the gel alternatives, and therefore better suited for ‘just-in-case’ in my mind.

SUMMARY: Cheap and effective teabags of heat for occasional sufferers of cold hands. Not the right thing for regular sufferers, but so small, light and cheap that a couple purchased and left at the bottom of your pack for ‘just-in-case’ use would be a cracking idea.

 Price: 99p (google them for offers)
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