Stanley Nineteen13 24oz Stainless Steel Bottle

I can fit an entire McDonald’s cheeseburger in my mouth, but I am yet to successfully master the art of drinking from this wide-mouthed bottle whilst walking, standing or indeed holding it with only one hand. I think of it less as a drinking vessel and more of a chest-wetting device, such is the torrent of water that sluices either side of my mouth and down whatever I’m wearing. I’ve even tried growing a beard in order to get along a bit better with this fat-boy, but alas to no avail.

Imagine a can of Coke (or other tasty beverage) where instead of ring-pulling open a conveniently sized slot from which to sup, you pulled off the entire top of the can. That’s the size of this 1913 bottle’s opening. And sticking with the Coke theme, the 24oz capacity in real-world terms means 2 cans of coke + an air gap so that the top doesn’t spray all over you when you eventually lever it off using a branch or multitool. As much as I love the mattified feel of the coated Stainless Steel, and the chill of the metal in the hand, there must be some kind of expansion (heat, I’d imagine) going on with this bottle because the top is a real pain to get off after a while in your pack.

It’s a real shame. I want to like this bottle. I want to pontificate to all those with plastic wildlife-killing bottles that Steel is the way to go. But it’s hard to be taken seriously when you’ve just dribbled water down your chin.

SUMMARY: Stanley’s 1913 bottle feels great, but isn’t really suitable for on-the-go drinking. It’s more of a stop-and-drink kinda thing. I note, with interest, that the newer version now features a ‘one-handed drinking device’ on the lid, which is perhaps because I’m not the only person in the world with a hatred of wide-mouthed bottles.

Price: $15
From: Google Shopping

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  • Anna

    Looks like someone trying to improve the good old sigg bottle, and somewhat unsucessfully!

    I’d invest in a Sigg bottle or similar, ALS have some lovely ones at a cheaper price that sigg. I’ve had mine only 4 years now and it’s a little dented from heavy use, dropping and rough biking but it’s indestructable, never leaks and keeps water lovely and cool. Definitely the best think on the market!