Sprayway – Dash Hoody

One for the ladies

Jodie was wearing this attractive and cosy-looking Sprayway hoodie/hoody when I went to visit her a couple of weeks ago and I happened to mention that I could do with a similar top to go walking in. Hey presto she promptly removed it and offered it to me on the proviso that I wrote a review for GearWeAre. [Jodie would like it pointed out that she doesn’t normally remove her clothes if you promise to write a review on them but on this occasion she was feeling generous]. Whilst I do not harbour a secret desire to become a best-selling online author, the shallow person that I am will do (almost) anything for a freebie.

I have had the Dash Hoody now for two weeks and short of sleeping in it, have hardly had it off my back. I just love it!

It’s made from a textured stretch fleece with a very slight ribbed outer surface that looks as good as it is warm. It is soft to the touch and the stretchiness is enough that during activity it won’t constrict you.

It has a fixed hood with high neck to keep out chills and is soft enough that you can hide your mouth from a bitter morning.

The slightly fitted look is great as it gives shape to the upper body – it’s a girl thing! It’s not so snugly fitted that you’ll regret having an extra slice of toast for breakfast though. It’s flattering, rather than skin tight.

A nice style touch is having flatlock stitching on the seams. The inside of the main zipper has a pretty webbing detail which breaks up the blue and is suitably feminine without being stereotypically ‘girly’.


Although made from a lightweight stretchy micro-fleece lined fabric it still manages to be warm to wear. Actually warmer than it looks, and of course breathable if you do break into a ‘glow’.

Two zippered hand pockets are fleece-lined and large enough to hold the essentials like keys and mobile phone securely if you find yourself leaping over puddles.

Importantly, the sleeve length is good, which means you can swing your arms or reach up without exposing delicate forearms to the cold in the morning.

I’m happy to say that it washes well on 30 degrees and doesn’t turn everything else blue.

I found the zipped chest pocket to have limited use due to location. I tried my iPhone in this pocket, but it was a little uncomfortable as it banged against my chest when walking. In the end it became a loose change and hanky pocket.

It has elasticated waist toggles, but I found that if I pulled the toggles on the sides tighter then the top rode up when I walked. This wasn’t a problem when they were left loose.

I would definitely recommend this Dash Hoody to my friends – even those that do not like the great outdoors – as it also looks great worn with a pair of jeans down at the pub.

SUMMARY: Sprayway’s Dash Hoody is feminine, warm and stylish and doesn’t look as cheap as a bog-standard ‘Fleece’. Its pockets are cosy and it’s a joy to wear when walking and generally as casual wear. It’s a little pricey, but feels like a quality product.

 Price: £59.95
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