Spotty Otter Drift Down II Dungarees

On the back of every Spotty Otter label there’s a picture of happy children and a caption that reads ‘I love my Spotty Otter’

Well, I have to agree.

I bought a Spotty Otter Down Chillibug Suit all-in-one thing for my daughter Isabella when she was a wee baby and it lasted her for THREE winters.

Ok, so the first winter it was a bit big and the last winter it was a bit small, but it did the job. It wore well, washed well, was warm and super robust.

So when the lovely people at GearWeAre asked if I’d review the Spotty Otter Drift Down II Dungarees for them, I almost bit their hand off…figuratively speaking of course.

Now that my little girl is able to speak her mind, the only really acceptable colour for items in her extensive wardrobe is PINK. And so I asked if I could possibly have a pink pair of the Drift Down II Dungarees to review.

The gorgeous Spotty Otter people sent not just pink – but vibrant, stunning, loud and lovely pink – lined in an equally gorgeous blue. They clearly know what little girls like! The colour combo if you’re googling it is berry/petrol.

spotty otter

At first glance the dungarees looked very well made, carefully designed to cover as much of a small person as possible, and fabulously padded out with duck down.

So stunning was the colour, that despite it being about 20 degrees C in the house with the heating on, Isabella wanted to wear them immediately. So, that’s what she did. She wore them to play in and eat her supper in, and then she put them back on after her bath for bedtime stories.

In fact, I had quite a hard job persuading her that if she slept in them she’d be but a puddle of sweat in the middle of her bed in the morning.

Anyway, that confirmed that she loved them…which is a big hurdle for parents when it comes to buying fairly expensive outdoor kit that you’re going to need your child to wear every day for an entire season or two.

In terms of her opinion, she told me that she loved the colour, that they were soft and comfy.

When it was finally cold and wet enough to wear them outside, I was as excited as Isabella to take them for a hardcore trial…so we went where only the toughest of kids’ outdoor gear will do – the muddy, deep-dark forest.

spotty otter2


These Spotty Otter Drift Down II Dungarees are very, very easy to get on. No too tight ankle cuffs, no difficult clasps, no fiddly bits at all. My daughter can put them on and take them off herself, which is a blessing. And they are even super quick to hoik down when you hear the fatal words: “I need a wee NOW I can’t hold it…”

They are completely waterproof, (see image of Isabella washing the dogs in them – brilliant!), and they are mud-tastic. This is a technical term that means they don’t absorb mud at all, and as soon as what little sticks to the material is dry, you can brush it off, wipe it off with baby wipes or even hoover it off – I’ve tried all 3 methods.

spotty otter

Of course, if you like to be conventional you can wash the mud off because these dungarees are also machine washable.

Personally I don’t bother washing them too often. Every single time they are worn they get filthy, so honestly, what’s the point? I just brush off any excess mud, and repeat the wearing and getting filthy activity.

Quite simply, there is not a single thing I can say that’s negative about these dungarees.

They are absolutely ideal for keeping your little one warm and dry. They keep the mud off whatever they are wearing underneath, so that you don’t have to take a change of clothes with you when you go out exploring/tromping/extreme biking/Gruffalo hunting etc…

spotty otter

I wouldn’t be without them. They are essential autumn/winter wear every time I head out into the wilds with my child.

Finally, here’s some technical info from Spotty Otter that may interest you: –

  • Filled with snugly, responsibly sourced 90/10 duck down (I assume that means they don’t chase a duck and pluck it against its will to source the down??)
  • Lightweight soft touch fabric with 80/20 DWR
  • Velcro adjustments to ankle cuffs
  • Reflective trims for safety
  • Comes with a little, handy pocket on the front for essentials like tissues and fluffy, half chewed sweets
  • Machine washable at 40 degrees C

5-hammersPrice: £55

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