Spotty Otter – Down Chillibug Suit


In our household the dogs came before the baby…which has meant our daughter has had to put up with being out and about in all weathers since her first few days on the planet! This has also resulted in me having to spend a small fortune on suitable outdoor gear for her, to cover every conceivable weather offering.


Having researched online and on the high street for a down all-in-one which would suit her, and last more than just one season, I opted for Spotty Otter’s all in one Chillibug suit.

Chillibug plus Dog

To this day it’s certainly not the cheapest product on the market – and there really is a tonne of competition from all the main outdoor and high street retailers who try and lure you to buy with pretty prints and fiddly details – but I am nothing if not delighted with this product.

Let’s cut to the chase – I adore this suit. It is absolutely ideal in every single way.

  1. It’s sufficiently malleable for a wriggling child to move about in.
  2. It’s fantastically padded to give maximum warmth.
  3. It is really well designed – with a double zipped front, which makes getting it on and off as simple and quick as possible.

It also comes with a hood for maximum head warming effect (more about the hood shortly), and it has tight elasticised bottoms and cuffs which can be even more tightly secured in place by an additional velcro strap.

The Chillibug scores 100% when it comes to practicality and functionality.

It even scores highly in terms of colour and style. Ideally I would have chosen red but they didn’t have it in stock – so I opted for blue. And it’s a brilliant blue. Not a dull boring blue. And because it hasn’t got some naff cartoon princess or Peppa bloody Pig emblazoned on it, it’s so much the better for that!

Despite my daughter being 7 months old when I made this purchase I bought ahead and purchased size 1 – 2 years (because I’m on a budget and wanted the suit to last 2 winters) and I’m truly glad I did…

For her first winter she was carried about in a backpack and the extra room in the suit allowed for maximum additional layering to ensure she stayed as snug as a Chillibug. After all, a baby in a backpack can get very cold indeed on a romp up the Brecon Beacons in January!

And for winter number 2 (aged 19+ months) she fitted the suit perfectly as I hope you can see from the pictures!

Chillibug Down Suit

There are only 2 very, very small negatives about this suit. It’s ever so slightly slippery when trying to wrestle a small child who doesn’t want to be caught. You have to make a very committed lunge and grab manoeuvre, otherwise said child could slip from your grasp! But because of the padding you don’t risk pinching or squashing anything more than material and down.

And other than that, the hood would benefit from being a little bigger and having a little more adjustability…however, I never bothered with it and instead accessorised with a funky hat!

5-hammers Price: £90rrp
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