Spotty Otter – Adventure Waterproof Splashsuit

Funny how a rainy day no longer means huddling indoors, once you have a dog, a child or both. So finding a particularly disgusting week of downpours, I set about trying out the new Spotty Otter Splashsuit on my unsuspecting 13 month old.

spotty otter splashsuit3

Being an auntie and now a mother has taught me that the quicker you can get kids in and out of clothes the better. This Splashsuit has zips running from both ankles right up to the neck, so you don’t have to muck about with poppers, toggles or the like. Plus I found it pretty easy to slide him into and even easier to peel off.

The suit we tried (age 1-2) was a tiny bit on the big side for the little fella, even though he’s pretty big for his age, but it didn’t mind being folded over on the legs and arms and on the plus size it’ll last him that bit longer as he grows in to it. So once zipped in, down to a friend’s farm we toddled in the deluge to check out the cows, the dogs and the chickens… and the rain didn’t disappoint!

spotty otter splashuit4

I let him have a splash in some puddles, then he decided a sit on the path to contemplate some stones was in order – all the better to see if any water would seep through. On getting back indoors, the only water seepage was wet socks and this was through the suit being a little too big and him not yet able to wear wellies, so a big thumbs up there.

spotty otter splashsuit2

Spotty Otter’s website says the suit is made from OtterTex 15000 waterproof and breathable outer shell with a mesh lining tough, a durable, highly waterproof and breathable technical fabric. The company also claims it has fully taped seams, and a mesh lining for super wicking, Velcro cuffs and ankles, durable knee pads.

A scan of the garment can confirm the presence of the Velcro cuffs, taped seams, mesh liner and the like, but how to test the durability claims?

…Well cue another day and an early start, involving camping out with friends which was ideal to see if a good crawl (he’s not yet walking unaided, but it won’t be long!) around on the dewy grass could test the durability and waterproofness to its limits. Then it was on to another (drizzly) walk with the little one tucked in a rucksack style carrier. At the end of the day, again, he popped out of the suit as dry as a bone.

One note about the journey in the carrier – ours doesn’t have a rain cover so the Splashsuit’s quite sizeable built- in hood was useful and great at protecting him.

LittleLife Range Carrier

The breathable fabric with the wicking mesh will mean that for bigger, more active children they will stay dry, without getting sticky and clammy under the suit, which in turn will keep them warm. The wee man is a speedy crawler, but I don’t think he’s yet up to breaking a sweat so for this review we will have to assume the fabric claims are true.

Design wise, I think it’s pretty stylish although I have a long-standing grumble about only being able to buy certain items in blue or red/pink. Multi-coloured suits anyone? That’s my only bug about the suit but to be fair to Spotty Otter, I think this is a wider children’s clothing issue in general!

I can see this being an invaluable bit of kit throughout the autumn and well in to winter too as there’s heaps of room in the suit for layers underneath and for some growing, of course.

It’s machine washable which is great for mucky children and busy mums, and the website has full care instructions for you to get the longest life from the product.

5-hammers Price: £60
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