Spotlight – Speck

I keep a small pink one in my pocket, and whenever I pull it out at night people are amazed at how powerful it is for something so tiny. Spotlight’s Speck is the little brother to the Spotlight 12v, which was one of our Gear of The Year Award winners for 2011, and it’s no less impressive.

Tiny, but mighty useful

Built in a tough aluminium shell and available in a range of colours, the Speck is smaller than most of the keys on my keyring so it adds almost no bulk or weight. It’s very tough indeed, with a recessed LED that won’t suffer from knocks and scrapes. I’ve been throwing my keys around for a month now and there’s a little evidence of the anodizing (the colour) coming off the aluminium at the corners, but nothing more.

Powered by 4 of the tiniest lithium batteries I’ve ever seen (LR521 watch batteries, apparently) it kicks out a stated 15 Lumens. Now, this seems like a good time to introduce’s light comparison guide which shows photos of different torch brightnesses, instead of baffling you with numbers. Click here to see it.

In real terms, on a dark night, the Speck is very, very bright to look at, and will easily light up the contents of a bag, small tent, car or your front door. It’s incredible for its size and your friends will be seeing spots for a while after playing with it.

Each Speck is supplied with a tiny carabiner, so you can clip it on to a keyring, jacket zipper, bag or tent. They’re also sealed with 2 O-rings, so completely waterproof.

The 4 lithium batteries will give you around an hour’s light. This equates to quite a long time in the real world, since it’s the kind of torch that you only use sparingly. In any case, the Speck is supplied with a spare set of batteries… just in case.

At the moment, Spotlight are selling the Speck mainly in the US. However, you can buy online from them ($9.99) and with shipping to the UK it comes to £13.01 at today’s exchange rate. If they hit a UK retailer, we’ll update this review.

SUMMARY: The Spotlight Speck is super bright, hard wearing and smaller than a key on any keyring. It takes knocks and bumps in its stride, and lights up a small portion of the world brilliantly. Its carabiner ensures it stays clipped where you left it, and being waterproof you can clip it anywhere. Awesome little torch.

 Price: £13 (imported from US)
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