Specialized – Tactic MTB Helmet

This is a guest review by Jeremy @mudtrail.

Doesn't look budget, does it?

After head-butting the opposite bank of a dry, slippery and sudden left turn I needed to replace my cycle helmet. The make and model was a Specialized Vice which had cracked in the front section from the impact. Surprisingly I was feeling no ill effects except for a scuffed forehead which was good to show off at work as if I was in ‘Fight Club’ or something. Never the less, this gave me confidence that Specialized can protect my valuable noggin so I rushed out to the local bike shop for another.

More rear than J-Lo, and that's a good thing

They didn’t have a direct replacement in-store there and then so I chose the Specialized Tactic (a slightly cheaper model) as I was keen to get out on another ride the following morning. The Tactic has the same fitting adjustments inside as the Vice which are in my opinion one of the main selling points. I find the adjuster works particularly well as it moves four different points inside the helmet to fit exactly as you need it. Great for comfort and a secure feeling that it would stay in place during calamity. This particular model was such a good fit for me it was more comfortable than the pricier model I’d recently broken.

The chin strap is easy to adjust with good quality plastic adjusters and fixings. The pads inside are attached with Velcro and can be removed for cleaning after bouts of extreme perspiration. The first ride with this was a warm spring day. The ample venting worked well and kept me from overheating.

Great straps

The Tactic comes in 3 sizes of shell; Small (51-57cm), Medium (54-60cm) and Large (57-63cm) and the adjusters do the fine-tuning.

And lastly, it features a full sized removable visor for helping keep the sun (and rain) out of your eyes.

Summary: I’m impressed with the Tactic, although it’s near to the budget price range you get good value for money. It’s lightweight, comfortable and easy to forget you’re wearing it, exactly what you’d want from this type of helmet. I can’t fault it for performance. The only improvement I’d like to see would be a few reflective stickers here and there rather than a choice of colour schemes that make it look like you’d be getting less value than you do.

Price: £54.99
From: Evans Cycles

More info: Specialized

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