Spareone – emergency mobile phone

You’re stuck. Your phone battery has died and you need help.

The SpareOne mobile phone is as simple as they come, and it runs on a single AA battery that lasts… 15 years!

Once you start using the phone you get up to 10 hours of talk time, which should be plenty to get out of trouble with if you don’t have a spare battery to hand.

The SpareOne is enjoying its moment of fame right now after the Storm Sandy which hit the US. Made by a Hong Kong based company and sold in to the US (or to the world via their website) it could be the perfect civil contingencies phone. Heck, it will even make emergency calls without a SIM card in it!

They sell versions for GSM networks in the North/South America and rest-of-world (more here).

With modern mobile phones becoming more battery intensive and less rugged, I’m seriously considering purchasing one for keeping in my pack, just in case.

Price: $89.99 (£56 at today’s exchange rate)
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