Source – Spresh drinking bottle

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Source – Spresh drinking bottle

It only takes a little squeeze to ex-spresh...

OK, so there’s an Elephant in the room and I think we need to address it before launching into this review properly.

The Source Spresh looks a bit… rude.

The Source Spresh also feels a bit… rude.

And using the Source Spresh, in the words of my wife, is like it’s “a little too pleased to see you”.

In fact, at last week’s OutDoor Show (a HUGE outdoor industry trade show in Germany), there were a LOT of people doing double-takes and smirking at the display of pink Spresh bottles on Source’s stand. But I’m way too mature to make silly jokes about phallic objects, so let’s move swiftly on.

Source say that all you have to do is take it in one hand, gently bite on the end of it to get the end poking up proud, give it a squeeze and it’ll Spresh all over your hand.

They say that, no matter where you are, it only takes one hand, so you’re much safer if you need to hold on to something and steady yourself while having a Spresh.

You can even have a cheeky Spresh when cycling because, thanks to its design, you don’t need to crane your neck back when you give it a squeeze – it’ll squirt into your waiting mouth straight away, from vertical.

With it’s soft, silicone outer, your Spreshing session is controlled by how hard you squeeze. Fancy a great big mouthful of refreshing juice? Squeeze hard. Only in the mood for a little sip of the good stuff? Just be gentle.

[All right, puns aside now…]

What you might not be used to though is how not to drink from a Spresh. You can’t get down below the Spresh and expect it to pour into your mouth – it won’t work like a normal bottle. Inside it is a straw which reaches to the base of the bottle, so that if the Spresh is accidentally upside-down, or dropped, it won’t leak anything more than is in the straw itself. In that respect, I think this would make an excellent kids’ drinking bottle. Beware though, it also makes a mighty fine water cannon!

No leaks!

Source is known for making high-quality hydration pouches with some very cool innovative features, and that innovation hasn’t taken a back seat with their new Spresh bottle. The bite valve is very easy to use, and the volume of liquid it delivers isn’t overwhelming when you’re gasping for breath at the top of a long hill walk.

The entire base of the Spresh screws off to allow you to fill it with up to 600ml of water. There’s quite a lot of material to the bottle itself, so it’s quite large compared to this capacity. Certainly a simpler bottle might be a tad smaller per ml of water. And it’s not the lightest bottle you can buy either. But to bemoan these things is to have missed the point. With the Spresh, you don’t need to bray your head back and announce that you are swigging from your drinking vessel. You don’t need to unscrew caps or pop off lids to take a sip. It really is intuitive and easy to use when on the move.

The Spresh will fit in a bicycle bottle-holder with a bit of room to spare. It’ll also pop into a backpack’s side pocket. It lacks any way to attach it to anything, which could be a bit of a drawback for some people, but as a general drinking bottle it is neat.

As is so often the case with the coolest bits of gear that we can’t give away, my wife has just walked in and claimed the Spresh as her new gym bottle. And for that I think it’d be perfect. If nothing else it’ll give the other gym-goers something to smirk at as they pound the treadmills.

SUMMARY: Source’s Spresh is a really neat bit of design. It works brilliantly to drink from and its silicone rubber body won’t breed any nasty bugs on it. It is quite heavy and lacks a way to be carried, other than in your hand, but if you keep it in a pocket or holster that’s not a problem. I think it’d be great for kids.

4-hammers Price: TBC
 From: COMING SOON – We’ll try to get some for a giveaway

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