Sole – Loft women’s boots

So what do you look for in a pair of boots? That probably depends on who you are. I guess some would make a bee line towards practicality and comfort, where as others would head for style and making a statement.

Well, whoever you are, this pair of boots named the Loft, from SOLE, ticks all the boxes.sole-loft-1

When I first put these boots on I was surprised at how comfortable they were. The flannel-lined inside made them as comfy as putting on a pair of well-worn slippers. And with the inner-calf circumference measuring a generous 34.5cm, it made them even more wearable for those of us with a  “not-so-slim” calf – I was even able to put them on over a pair of jeans, a bonus in my book.

What I did notice was the boot itself didn’t come up the leg as far as I was expecting (inner length heel to cuff only 31cm) but this was ok as it allowed for easy movement when walking. Jeans stayed put, the boots didn’t rub, nor did they slip down the leg, which some others have a tendency to do where you can find yourself forever lasting pulling them up and back into position.

Not only is the inner lined, so is the foot-bed (flannel-lined with a Sherpa-lined top sheet) and this made them an even better wear. What I did find a bit odd at first was the sole itself – the orthopaedic shape made walking very different. This takes a bit of getting used to if you’ve not experienced it before. Having said that, it certainly provided foot support in all the right places. The arch of my foot felt as though it was supported no matter what the terrain and more importantly for me, so was the heel. I felt at home with these boots, and the orthopaedic shape Optimizes Natural Motion™ definitely lived up to its claim of providing mouldable support, pressure distribution, increased balance and feel, metatarsal support and natural heel cushioning.

The front of the boot (where your toes live) was very generous in width sizing. For those of us with wider feet, i.e. me, this was very welcome. At no point did my toes feel tight, under pressure or squashed, there was plenty of wriggle room, even when feet are warm from walking.sole-loft-2

Another plus point, my feet didn’t get cold (or frostbite). The fact that these boots are lined meant my toes were warm and toasty throughout – there’s nothing worse than walking with cold feet.

As for the outside of these boots – very stylish. It’s all in the detail, which is exactly what you have here. Just a bit of stitching on the leg part of the boot makes them that bit more attractive than usual. It has to be said I was concerned with the outer being a combination of suede (which we all know can be tricky to look after) and nubuck leather, but all good here. They were very easy to clean and came back to life almost as good as new.

As for the Polygiene ® permanent antimicrobial agent to control odour….. well this seems to be in working order, or to put another way, no one has said my feet smell…. Yet.

So what do I look for in a pair of boots? All of the above  – they’re practical, comfortable, stylish and make a statement – and get the thumbs up from me.

4-hammers Price: £140
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