Sole – Insulated Ultra Footbeds

I’ve had these insoles hanging around since last winter, waiting for a situation which would put them to test, and in the last month the opportunity has arisen to really see what they’re made of. You see, I’ve just moved to a rural stone cottage and am in the middle of renovating it through winter. The outside temperature is around 4C during the day, and the inside temperature maxes out at 14C on a good day. The Sole Insulated Ultra Footbeds (insoles) have been added in to a cheap pair of steel toe-capped boots during the building works.



With their 3.2mm of cushioning, they turn the boots in to a more trainer-like feel. In fact, they’re so comfortable that they’ve been no problem at all on 6-mile dog walks and stomps across the hills. And having them on from morning til night has been a pleasure, with their gentle arch support and forgiving bounce.

As for insulation, the boots I have them in feature a steel protective plate in their sole, so you’d think that they’d suck all the heat out of your feet. Not so, I’ve only ever had cold feet on the occasions when I’ve been sat still for a while rather than when standing. The Thinsulate insulation seems to do a good job of fending off the chill.

At £45, they’re a very pricey addition to what is already quite possibly an expensive pair of shoes/boots in your wardrobe. But I’m a fan of swapping insoles in shoes which have started to feel a little less than new, and the SOLE Insulated Ultra Footbeds have been great at transforming my work boots in to winter boots.

3-hammers Price: £45
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