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I haven’t worn two pairs of socks since back in the day when socks were really, really rubbish. And yet these socks are sold as ‘ wear on their own or for wearing under a thicker sock to help prevent blisters’.

So, I wore them on their own and they’re, well… socks. They don’t offer any padding or special technologies. They won’t stop your feet smelling or sweating or let you walk further than normal.

They’re not very thick so I’m going to base this comparison on a pair of Marks & Spencer socks rather than any proper trekking sock.

The Karrimors are made from something called Dri-release which appears to be a fast-drying and wicking material that’s part plastic and part natural. I have to say that when my boots started letting in a bit of water, these socks got wet and stayed wet… as you’d expect inside a boot, so the Dri-release is only going to be of any use in dealing with sweat on a well ventilated boot.

Now, onto the price. They’re originally £9.99 for 2 pairs. (M&S is the same price for 5 pairs), so they’re not cheap for what they are. However, I can’t find them for that price anywhere and now they’re £4.99, which is more like it.

SUMMARY: Not much special going on here and I really didn’t notice any appreciable difference between these and thin cotton socks. Would I buy these in favour of M&S cotton sports socks? Probably not.
Would I wear these under another pair of socks to stop blisters? Nope, I’d buy a 2-layer sock instead.


Price: £9.99 rrp (£4.99 mostly)
From: Field & Trek

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