Socks – Hilly X-Static Trail

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This is a strange pair of socks with a very unique feeling. Walking around in just the socks and no shoes it’s easier to feel what I mean by this, but your feet feel sort of… charged. It’s as if the sock is coated with some sort of nano-liquid and you glide along in them. It’s not an unpleasant feeling, but it is a bit different.

So, I tested these socks on the Test Trail on a damp but warm day and they performed pretty well.
Putting them on is a nice feeling; they’re really snug all over and feel like they actually support the foot. There are no seams that rub anywhere nasty and there’s extra padding over the achilles area.
They performed well on the Test Trail, with my feet feeling cosy. I did find that the socks slide around inside my boots a bit in these socks which is odd because they’re meant to be a cotton outer with a polypropylene inner. Having said that, the socks dealt just fine with any heat built up and I never approached getting blisters.
The party-piece for these socks is that they use a special Silver coated fabric in their inner layer. Now, aside from making nice cutlery, Silver is also useful for killing off bacteria which cause bad smells. So basically these socks stop your feet ponging too soon. That seemed to be true at the end of the walk.
SUMMARY: Hilly’s X-Static Trail socks are well fitting, very snug and use an innovative anti-smell technology. However, I have to mark them down because of that weird feeling you get when you put them on. I got used to it, but my wife (who I asked to try them just in case I was going mad) really didn’t like it. They’re comfortable and look very pleasant too. They’re high enough for mid-ankle boots.

Price: £10.25 per pair

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