Smartwool – Womens PHD Support Bra

Girls reading this I’m hoping you’ll agree with me that there is often nothing nicer on a hot day than getting home and removing your bra and letting the girls have a bit of freedom.

smartwoolphdbraStick with me and I’ll explain the possible reason for this. The first thing to bear in mind is that most of our regular day-to-day boulder-holders tend to be made from some synthetic concoction and the natural construction of our lady assets mean that any sweat – lets call it ‘glow’ – gets funnelled between our boobies and is then sucked up by the aforementioned material.

Most bras are made of nylon/polyamide which wicks away a lot of moisture, but also holds on to quite a significant percentage of that dampness. So regardless of what technical wizardry you might employ as a base or mid layer – unless we get savvy with our ultimate base layers we will end up holding onto a large amount of moisture right next to our skin.

Enter the Smartwool range of bras. One of the miracles of merino is that it wicks pretty damn well, and gives up any moisture it does absorb easily. It is also naturally antimicrobial so nasty niffs – regardless of how much you ‘glow’.

Smartwool have an impressive 7 bra’s in their range, meaning that their should be one for you. I have rather ample assets (30F at last measure) so I am testing the Women’s PhD Support Bra. I am right at the edge of their current available sizing and after a chat with their handy support peeps I was sent a 30DD which fits like a dream. So if you are on the bigger size and not sure on sizing it is worth popping them a message and you’ll get a nice helpful reply.

The first thing I noticed is how soft and a tactile the bra is. There are no hard edges – the support is provided by strategically placed elasticated panels, so there is no wire to dig and chafe, and even with my norks testing the boundaries of the bra the elastic is doing a wonderful job of keeping everything put.

The main panel is mesh lined to aid air flow – I can attest after a 29c day that this really does help. The previous day I was wearing a regular ‘high street’ bra and was left with red marks and very sweaty boobs after 8 hours, not so with the Support Bra.

The cups are moulded, so whilst it is no Wonderbra you do get some sense of shape rather than the general sausage look that other sports bras can give – and this isn’t just aesthetics, it also adds to the comfort.

One final piece of detail that really demonstrates that Smartwool have thought about comfort and wearability are the seam free straps. I have had this bra on over several very hot days and have not been left with red and sore shoulders – bliss.


For versatility the Support Bra has a little party trick in that the straps can be switched over at the back so that they can cross over  so you can also wear it with a racer back top. If you are so inclined you could wear it on its own as it is stylish enough and beautifully made that it looks sports top like rather than underwear – however too many cakes means mine stays tucked under my top!

5-hammersPrice: £49.99
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