Smartwool – Women’s Metallic Striped Sleuth Socks

Ever imagined what it must be like to be a sock designer? No I suspect you probably haven’t, we do tend to take those little foot wrappers for granted.

Now that I am sitting here pondering what it must be like to be a sock designer, putting myself in their socks so to speak (sorry I couldn’t resist!) I suspect it is a bit like being a football goalie or baseball catcher – if you are doing a great job no-one notices you, but slip up and let a ball slide past or people get blister and suddenly all eyes are on you.

So spare a thought for those creators of socks over at Smartwool, I can’t imagine they get much attention as they seem to systematically send out good pair after good pair of socks. Doesn’t seem to stop them playing with yarns and getting all creative though does it..and this time with the Metallic Sleuth they really have outdone themselves. So please give the boys and girls a wee round of applause.

Why am I being so effusive about a pair of socks? Well look at them, go on…take a peek at this picture…


It is a picture of minimalistic glory. I know some of you will be going what the heck…that ‘aint a sock! But wait, it really is…despite its mean, lean, barely there profile it does all of the things that we’ve come to expect from a Smartwool foot hugger.

They fit marvellously, are super comfortable and despite being worn on some pretty sweaty long days they have remained comfortable and not rubbed and whilst not padded the fineness of the weave on that bottom part makes you feel cushioned.

They are made from a blend of merino wool, nylon and importantly elastane – meaning they keep their shape. Oh and they are metallic – meaning they are…yup sparkly!

smartwool close up
Ooh sparkles!

I know some of you out there may be wondering what is the point of such  barely there sock. If you are one of those may I request you look down and see if you are wearing socks pulled high with your sandals? If you are, then I suspect regardless of what I might say next you won’t ever get the point.

However these are designed for people, who like me,  like to look ‘sock-less’, but need a bit of cushioning and comfort that a sock can provide and want most importantly want somewhere for the moisture to go rather than pooling into my shoes or sandals…yeah it’s been done and trust me you don’t want to pop those beasts anywhere near your face…even the same post code is pushing it!


Yes I’ve just confessed to wearing these with my hiking sandals, but they are so discreet that no-one even noticed, keeping me (& my feet!) in the cool gang with the benefit of not stinking up my shoes nor making them hot and sweaty meaning I didn’t slip and slide around. Happy feet = happy hiker!

smartwool heel grip
If you look closely you’ll spot the little rubbery heel gripper. Barely there but it works!


These are also brilliant when worn with street shoes, better than anything similar I’ve grabbed from a high street store. Why? Well as discussed you get all the Smartwool tech which = comfort AND they stay on your feet for the whole day thanks to the very discreet (I had to really hunt for it to take the picture!) internal rubber heal gripper and don’t decide to move and bunch up under your foot – which I have NEVER experienced with anything of a similar shape/design sourced elsewhere. Oh & did I mention that they are sparkly*?

4-hammersPrice: £13.99
More: Smartwool

*They also do non-sparkly versions if for some reason that’s not your thing!