Smartwool – PHD Light Micro Running Socks

We spent and interesting hour with the techie bods from Smartwool this morning, amongst their new products we were wowed by their developments in the running sock market.

Smartwool running sock

Previously they have marketed their lightweight walking socks for running, but have now spent considerable time developing a  running specific sock, and taking things one step further they have made gender specific pairs – no longer do girls need to ‘make-do’ with a shrunken down version of the man’s sock.

The women’s fit have a narrower and smaller heel cup and narrower arch. Both pairs feature low profile seams to reduce and hopefully remove any risk of rubbing and irritation, and the stitching process has been designed to increase padding on the front and back of the sole, but leaving the midsole open for ventilation and wicking.

We will be receiving male and female pairs in due course and are looking forward to our testers putting them trough their paces.

Price: £10 (tbc)

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