Silverpoint Ozone Micro

Two things have just occurred to me:
1. I’ve had this little torch on my keyring for about five months now and I haven’t reviewed it yet.
2. I’ve had this little torch on my keyring for about five months now and I haven’t smashed it yet.

The first point, so I’ve learned, is pretty typical of me whereas the second point is amazing considering my keys swing about from my car ignition for two hours every day and I throw them around all over the place. When I first got the Ozone Micro I remember thinking that the little solar cell on top of it wouldn’t last two minutes but it seems I was very wrong. Mind you, I’ve been wrong before… but it’s not a common occurrence.

Essentially, this torch is just a five-quid stocking filler, but it’s a handy one nonetheless.
Featuring two bright white LEDs (five lumens in total) side-by-side behind a plastic lens on the front, it is powered by a rechargeable battery encased inside, which can be replenished either by the aforementioned solar cell on the top or a miniature windy-uppy handle on the back of the unit.

The light cast by this is more of a widespread glow than a beam, but for its size it’s very bright and more than enough when you want to find out how many chips Mrs Muz has dropped in the footwell of the car having missed her face, for instance.
Despite the solar cell being made of glass (I think – it’s certainly not plastic) it’s obviously tougher than you’d think and because the end of the handle clips into a little socket when it’s not being used the only way you’re going to damage it is if it unclips in your pocket and hangs free. I haven’t done this yet either, but I’m assuming that because the handle doesn’t fit flush with the body of the torch it’s always a possibility.

The power button, incidentally, is a small slider switch which is a wee bit fiddly but the unobtrusiveness of it means it’s difficult to accidentally turn on in your pocket. I’ve only managed to do this once, running the battery out as a result, but a 20-second wind of the handle sorted it out. As this was the only time I’ve needed to use the handle, this leads me on to my only gripe with the Ozone Micro – having a solar cell and a wind-up handle is a little bit of overkill. It needs either one or the other, and I’d suggest that should be the ability to harness the power of the sun.

SUMMARY: A decent little keyring torch for very little money. With a harsh white light it’s good enough for those little niggly things when – just for a second or two – you wish you had a torch handy. Other incarnations are available by Silverpoint, including one which can also charge your phone but generic wires and adaptors irritate the hell out of me.

Price: £4.99
From: Amazon (among many other places)
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