Silky – Pocket Boy Saw

I’ve been a user of Silky saws for a few years now and I can confidently say that I have never experienced any saw which comes even close to the sharpness and aggressiveness of the blade on these Japanese masterpieces.


The Pocket Boy has a 5 inch long blade and folds in to a rubber coated handle so it is safe to carry in your pocket. That is quite important because this thing is so sharp that if you were to accidentally brush against the blade it might mean a trip to the emergency room for some stitches.

In use the Pocket Boy will cut through tree branches with incredible ease. It doesn’t really matter if they are green or seasoned wood because it doesn’t stop for breath on either. If you need to gather wood for a campfire, there are few quicker ways to do it that with a Silky.

The rubberised handle of the Pocket Boy is very comfortable to use, and because it flares towards the end and because Silky saws all work on the ‘pull’ rather than the ‘push’ you can get a lot of force behind the blades.

The locking latch is very firm and positive so it is not going to fold back on you accidentally and cut your fingers off. And it locks the blade into one of 2 positions to help you more easily cut at different angles.

The pocket boy is supplied with a clear plastic case and the teeth and body of the saw are very easy to clean and don’t seem to trap little bits of wood due to their angular design.

There is a lifetime warranty against material defects and Silky sell replacement blades if you are a heavy user and manage to wear one away.

Price:$51.95 US
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