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I reviewed a Sigg bottle recently – and didn’t give it a great write up. The best thing about it was the nice purple design which matched my yoga kit and rucksack, which for us females, wherever we are indoors or out, a very important thing. It makes us happy. The reason I wasn’t super impressed was due to the fact it had a small opening and was a pain to clean (and I wasn’t happy about having to buy Sigg’s water cleaning tablets at £5.99).

It was also a bit too heavy and bulky for my handbag and small backpack when filled and I was lazy and didn’t always replace the traditional screw top, which meant spillages in bags, over laptops and floors.

The amazing thing is that the Sigg people saw the review and responded by sending over a selection of different models to try out. Being a marketeer, that gets a 5 star rating before I even start to test. However, I need to keep neutral, and keep in mind that the people at Sigg really are on the ball.

When the selection was given to me to test, I immediately realised I had been using the ‘wrong model’ for my requirements.

So here’s the first review. More to follow.

The Sigg Wide Mouth Sport (dark blue) 0.75l that I have been testing is my new best friend.

The overall size is just right for my hand, my car space, the pocket in my rucksack so it remains standing up, and the hole in the side of my yoga bag. It carries enough for a yoga class, a morning at work, and a day out and because of the choice of top it can fall over and I don’t shout expletives.

It has a dented grip about ¾ of the way up the bottle making it really easy to grab and drink from, especially when you have sweaty or rainy hands or its rolled under the car seat. What’s best is that it keeps the water inside cool – especially in the hot yoga room, and when out and about which none of my other water bottles do. And then I don’t have to worry about leaking plastic or nasties. I couldn’t find out exactly what the manufacturing process was from the website – but (being swiss) I believe them when they say its a better option. (Aluminum, baked, leakproof, resistent to carbonated and isotonic drinks were mentioned.)

And the best bit? – a ‘wide mouth’. My cleaning problem is solved. It has a dual screw top. The larger for filling and therefore supremely easy cleaning. The smaller, ‘sports cap’ screws into that. It also has a lock, easy to open and close with teeth and mouth (when in car for example). Daily rinses and a weekly run through the dishwasher make me very happy.

I’ve had a root around their website – and it’s ‘quite Swiss’ – formal, corporate, lacking in funky personality. The bottles are trying very very hard to move into the 21st c but not quite there: the yoga purple bottle for example is quite an old fashioned Indian elephant design, when the yoga world has become much trendier and would probably warrant a softer hue with an Om sign.

They also don’t do sports bottles in funky designs, just the standard black white and dark blue. (Fine if you’re in Switzerland up a mountain – perhaps a bit bland for your singles adventure holiday in the French mountains IMO). Style has seeped through to the outdoors world, where plain colours and practicality now mix with fashion.

The brand is strong and their collolaborations with celebs and designers is great, but I wouldn’t want a ‘messy urban’ Vivienne Westwood designed number to be honest.

Their description of the bottles could also be more detailed – for example offering different images of the various bottle tops – I couldn’t decide if I wanted an active top because I couldn’t see around the image, or figure out how it worked. There could also be a description of the weight and height of the bottles as well as how much they hold.

Overall, I am back in love with Sigg, for responding to the article, but more so for their own belief in the product to challenge me with different models to test, and for weaning people off their plastic disposables.

However at £21.99 for the sports bottle, I’d want one in my perfect colour (pink, – Sigg do a slim one not with a grip !) or for it to go on my wish list for a birthday present. But (Sigg, if you’re reading) if they only offered the choice of self design online like Converse do shoes, I’d ironically spend hours designing by clicking on line, and then paying much much more for my perfect water container. Funny that.

Price: £21.99
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  • The UK Team at SIGG love this review. Honest, unbiased with key valuable points that we recognise and are working towards. Really pleased that we may have found the right SIGG for you, and guess what? we’ve got another bottle about to hit the UK with yet another drinking top – the development is ongoing…Well Done Gearweare!!