Sigg – Outdoor Cutlery

“Ridiculous” we all chorused when we first saw the SIGG outdoor cutlery set. You can’t use the fork to hold a sausage and the knife to cut it if they’re all attached together. Then somebody read the instructions. Turns out they separate…

Sheepish? Yes, yes we were.

So, having established that minor point, while everybody else was busy looking embarrassed, I nabbed them to try out.
sigg cutlery
The SIGGs fold down into a fairly compact size, similar to a Swiss Army Knife, and come with a neat nylon carrying pouch. They look pleasingly well engineered, and the three parts – knife, fork and spoon – fold out and then pull apart for use, and slot together solidly to stow away. At 195g they aren’t lightweight  -they’re made from chunky stainless steel, so they feel reassuringly strong when in use.
The fork is sturdy, but flat, so fine for chips, but not so great for scooping up forkfuls of camping chilli or similar, better to deploy the spoon! There’s a bottle opener cut into it though, making a handy fourth implement. The spoon is teaspoon size, so perfectly adequate. The knife isn’t a standard eating implement, instead it’s sharp and pointed, so great for chopping and slicing.
sigg cutlery 2
Unfortunately this is the point where there is a bit of a fail built into this product, at least when you look at the UK market – the knife locks into position. If you’re unfamiliar with the UK laws on knives you can read the GWA interpretation.
Basically “A folding knife with a safety lock is NOT OK for every-day use. If you want to carry a knife with any sort of locking blade (even a safety lock) you need a ‘lawful reason’. Even a multitool with a locking blade is illegal when out of context of work or ‘need’.” So, it begs the question, why would you carry this set instead of a proper set of cutlery?
Perhaps if it wasn’t a lock-knife (which is less safe, but less illegal) we’d be swayed by the advantage, but for now we’ll probably just stick to taking cutlery that looks like cutlery, and a non-locking knife for cutting stubborn root vegetables.
Sorry SIGG!
Price: £15.49
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