SIGG Hello Kitty on the Farm 0.3L Kid’s Drink Bottle

To fully appreciate the features and benefits of this bottle I had to accept its limitations.

What I mean is, this is simply a drinks bottle, i.e., it’s not a flask; it’s not even insulated… it’s just a drinks bottle.

Personally I had higher hopes for the bottle than it was actually designed to deliver – so my expectations were groundless – I apologise! Once I’d got over my disappointment and adopted an air of simple acceptance I was able to see the real benefits of SIGG’s Hello Kitty on the Farm 0.3L kid’s drink bottle, and there are quite a few.

sigg main

If you’re looking for a drinks bottle for your child, why should you choose the SIGG brand over any other?

That’s probably the most pertinent question I can answer – here goes: –

This bottle is pretty much indestructible.

It’s made of high-grade aluminium for goodness sake! So this means that if it gets thrown, dropped, kicked or generally abused it remains intact and useable. (Word of warning – it’s not specifically designed to actually be abused, nor should you put it in the freezer or on a barbeque or anything ridiculous like that – I’m just saying it’s durable!)

What’s more, if you drop it or put it in your bag upside down or something, the liquid inside won’t seep out. I.e., the top is leak proof. It really is.

I have no end of cups and bottles for my daughter – from cheap ones to less cheap ones, and my 2 objectives when looking for a new liquid transportation receptacle are: –

  • Looks nice so will get used

Interestingly, this is the only container I have that doesn’t leak – not even a tiny bit. And for that reason alone I recommend this SIGG bottle highly.

A lot of design and cleverness has gone in to the construction of the top to ensure it doesn’t leak.

SIGG bottle 3

You have to twist it open and closed – and once it’s closed that’s it – nothing drips out no matter how hard you suck or shake the bottle…meaning it can be put in a school bag with clothes and party invitations, with art work and notes home about nits, and it won’t have any impact on any of them.

Once the bottle’s twisty lid is in the closed position you can click the cap shut tight and away you go.

If the bottle’s twisty lid is in the open position you can’t click the lid shut though.

And initially this annoyed me – irrational I know.

But the fact that you can’t shut it when the twisty bit is open is a good thing – it serves as a warning to you that the bottle is open…and you need to close it….and then you can click the lid shut and chuck it in your bag and go.

It’s a well thought out feature. Thank you SIGG.

The only trouble with the lid is that the spout takes a little getting used to.

If, as my daughter initially did, you put your lips over the whole spout then very little liquid comes out.

You have to purse your lips over the little spout and suck to get the liquid out.

This will take an older child but a second or two to figure out. However, my daughter was still in the terrible twos when she received this bottle, and because it didn’t immediately work to her expectations she became furious.

Perseverance paid off of course…but your natural instinct when putting this bottle to your lips is, because of the shape of the top, to wrap your mouth around the bit you twist open and shut.

The shape of it fits a mouth very nicely…

But as stated, it’s designed so you have to purse your lips over the little spout and suck.

It won’t take anyone long to figure out…but it did result in a few tears in my household.

You can also twist the lid an extra turn and it comes to pieces in your hand so that you can really clean it well.

You can buy replacement lids as well, or a screw top for the bottle. And one size fits all SIGG kid’s bottles.

Now, there was a note on the bottle saying ‘not suitable for dishwashers’ and I don’t buy anything unsuitable for a dishwasher – and I don’t buy any clothes unsuitable for a washing machine.

Why would I?

Like most people I have so little time that I don’t hand wash anything…also, God didn’t invent dishwashers and washing machines for us to not use them.

So, after a few hand washes I just started sticking this in the dishwasher because I got very bored – and guess what, it’s fine!

I do re-wash the lid under the tap after it’s been through the dishwasher in case it has any bits of food stuck within its inner workings – but I don’t understand why SIGG warn you not to dishwasher it?

Maybe the artwork on the bottle will fade or get scratched off in time? Not sure…

Next up a word about the design – it was loved by my young daughter, she has a thing for Hello Kitty…and it’s pink. I need say no more.

But if you’re not in to pink or Hello Kitty fear not, SIGG have a really fantastic array of designs and bottle sizes to suit almost every child’s tastes and needs – in fact, you can tell that a lot of work has gone in to this particular bottle line.

The bottles are all eye catching and children are going to want them, which may well mean you can get a child to keep drinking plenty as a result.

The Hello Kitty on the farm bottle we have is also a nice dinky size – I can’t get over the fact that it can contain so much liquid, it’s a bit tardis like in fact. I.e., it’s small and neat, and yet it can carry a third of a litre. Not bad!

SIGG bottle 4So far so good…

But there is just 1 really bad thing about this bottle that I don’t like.

My daughter likes all her drinks warm – always…

So for her drinks of water or squash I use boiled water and then top it off with cold water from the tap.

But, once you pour even a drop or two of recently boiled water into this bottle it becomes too hot to hold.

I’ve tried putting the cold water in first – but the heat transfer of the aluminium is aggressive. Because the bottle is not lined the maximum temperature that enters the bottle seems to come through straight away to your hand.

So, if I want to use this bottle I have to forward plan and either fill it with recently boiled water and not give it to Isabella until it has cooled, or boil the water, let it cool in the kettle, and then fill the bottle.

Hardly a hardship – but it’s annoying – and potentially dangerous for the uninitiated.

Finally, as this is an unlined bottle it’s not suitable for keeping drinks cold or hot – it has no thermal insulating properties…like I said, it’s just a drinks bottle.

Get over it, me!