Sigg – Active Top Water Bottle

The striking pinkness of this bottle is the first thing you notice about my test bottle (other colours are available) but look more closely and you soon become absorbed in its funky top which Sigg are billing as its Active top/Smart Drinking System. Judging by the animated videos and other wizzy widgets on their website they are mightily proud of this development.

Just try losing something this pink

This sense of ‘job well done’ is certainly not misplaced. I must confess I Initially looked at the top and thought well that looks like an over engineered solution to a problem that doesn’t exist…well how wrong I was! Using this for the past couple of weeks I really have been rather taken with it. Who knew drinking water could be turned into such a science!

This bottle itself is metal, thus hard wearing and fairly pretty to look at and I’m not going to say too much about this, other than to say I have noticed that it gets a bit cold to the touch when initially filled with water. [Ed – that’s because the water’s cold…] However it’s the top that gets and deserves all the attention.

This has a bitey mouth-delivery system very similar to that of a CamelBak, which is attached to a straw that goes to the bottom of the bottle, meaning that you can drink without having to tip the bottle up.

I appreciate that on the first read that this may not seem particularly ground breaking. What’s the big deal about having to tip up a bottle up right? Trust me its utter genius! For example if you are a runner or cyclist you never need take your eyes off the road. Any activity really, no matter how mundane – even writing this review can be multi-tasked with drinking out of this bottle. Another simple but nice touch is that you control the flow but how hard you choose to suck.

You can also turn this bottle upside down and liquid will not escape unless you are giving a very vigorous shake. This is great if you are looking for a bottle for children or you are particularly clumsy (I can think of a few friends that this would be good for based on this criteria alone).

The top also has a ‘closed’ option where absolutely no liquid escaped no matter how hard I shook and chucked it around – including a trip in the top box of my motorbike which is a particularly brutal test.

The Active Top also has a couple of other ‘settings’ one of which lets you take the air out. This means that you can use it for fizzy drinks; you simply rotate the top to ‘air’ and the gas hisses out so you don’t get covered in your fizzy beverage. Neat.

The last option is ‘clean’ which allows the whole system to come apart meaning you can give it a good soaping. On the hygiene front, the mouth piece comes with a protective cap which is a great idea for when you want to chuck it in a bag with say sweaty gym kit, however its a thimble sized semi-opaque plastic and is a separate unit to the bottle which I am amazed I’ve not managed to loose yet.

I usually have a bit of an aversion to drinking out of metal bottles as I feel they taint the water, however as this had the plastic straw I’ve not noticed any taint, plus the plastic elements are all BPA free (which basically means that there are no harmful nasties in it).

The whole top unscrews so filling it up is a doddle, and its easy to decant should you wish to share some of your water with a faithful hound for example.

At £20 I think one of these bottles is a good investment and I suspect this one is going to last me for a good few years. Something special is going to have to come along for me to replace this.

To quote Siggs own website it..”Looks like the Swiss reinvented the water bottle. Well, almost.”

SUMMARY: It’s like a classic metal SIGG bottle with all the advantages of ruggedness and longevity, but with a non-drip bite valve to make drinking on the go easier. The top is removable for cleaning and very simple to re-assemble. The only potential down-side is the easily-lost mouthpiece cover, which could be improved by a retaining strap perhaps. It’s been a very big hit here.

  • Thanks for thorough review.

  • James

    Good review – nice to see the “Motorcycle Topbox” test being thoroughly applied. Should be a mandatory test for all gear, gadgets & gizmos.

  • Jodie

    Well it finally happened..I managed to loose the protective cap yesterday. Ooops 🙁