Shewee (Extreme)

A gusset guest review by Mrs Muz

So, you’re a girl, you’re camping in a forest, and your options for bladder relief are a single unisex compost toilet that involves limboing under a tarp to use, or the prospect of a brightly coloured bit of plastic that means you just need to pick which tree you want to water. Which do you choose?
Well, sceptic that I am, I tried the compost loo first. Despite the limbo required, it was clean and remarkably unsmelly. But the Shewee sat in the tent looking at me accusingly, and there was only one loo to service the entire campsite, so I waited for the early morning bladder wake-up-call and decided to give it a go.

I’d been given the Shewee ‘Extreme’ version to test, so not only did my bright pink plastic container hold the surprisingly slim and neat Shewee itself, it also contained a short flexible extension pipe (available separately from Shewee if you’ve already got the standard version). The idea being that a Shewee combined with bulky clothing (think ski gear, winter motorbike clothing, lots of jumpers…) might not give enough extension away from the body to stop you, quite literally, wetting yourself.

I picked my spot (the roots of a fallen tree for those of you who are interested in that kind of thing), rearranged my clothing, positioned the Shewee according to the precise anatomical instructions available on the Shewee website and then…

…and then spent five minutes convincing my body that despite the fact that I was stood up and fully clothed, it was OK. Really.

Psychological hurdle finally overcome however, I was pleasantly surprised – I’m not quite sure why, but I was expecting some sort of messiness. There wasn’t any. It does what it says on the tin, with very minimal dripage remaining post use, all ready to pop back into its case ready for next time. And Shewee are quick to point out that human urine is sterile. Still, I’m happier with babywipes in my pocket. Just in case.

Summary: For peeing in places you’d rather not, Shewee comes to the rescue. I can see where it would come into its own at festivals (a blindfold might be handy there too, mind), and for frequent wearers of bulky clothing or in freezing temperatures the extreme version is going to come in really handy. Providing you can get your body to get on with it that is. The only reason this doesn’t get five hammers is because it doesn’t come with a tap to run it under when you’re done, if you know what I mean.



Trivia: The plural of the Shewee is… Shewee. So you can have a single Shewee or a boxful of Shewee. Now you know.


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  • We’ve all had those moment when the bladder and circumstances don’t work in tandem, but where was your most unusual widdle?

    I was caught short on a pedalo once, in the middle of Amsterdam, and had to wee off the side whilst tucked under a very low bridge. I blame the Weiss Bier.

  • I’m not sure I really want one; I’m afeared of it. However, I’m a sucker for a competition and free stuff, so here be my entry.

    My most unusual place for a wee was: a cave in Wales. I got stuck, and desperate. So I made a new rock pool. By Christ did it echo… Shame 🙁

  • Jodie

    One of my most unusual widdles was using the sheepee’s at Glastonbury. We were handed a cardboard version of one of these and directed to a urinal.

    The sight of so many bare women’s bottoms was a bit…well weird! Using the tube was fairly straight forward for me but my friend who is slightly shorter and ended up a higher urinal managed to get her angle all wrong and wee’d down her leg.

  • Trude


    It goes horribly wrong. Trust Me.

    (And the Q to get water for washing my shorts the following day was long)

    Apart from that, it’s brill!

  • Rachel J

    My most memorable wee was at 3am, atop a hill on the South Downs Way during a 100km charity walk.

    Five of us lined up along a grass verge, in the pitch black, trousers round ankles, headtorches on, overlooking the twinkling lights in the distance. Not a sound to be heard but the communal trickle and the odd hoot of an owl. Idyllic!

  • marya

    My most interesting whiz was in a dark corner of a parking garage in Waikiki. I was with my pregnant sister, who was on the verge of wetting herself and needed moral support, I guess. Thank goodness I was wearing sneakers.

    • That’s going above and beyond the call of sisterhood. 🙂

      • marya

        Better than paying extra on the rental car!

  • Spike

    Tried both this and the Whizz. Of the two, the SheWee is the only one that works.. That’s not to say it works well, but it’s better than the Whizz which I find totally useless.

    The problem could be solved by combining the material used for the Whizz with the SheeWee “angle” and enlarging the back-end (for want of a better description) of the Shewee so that it forms a “cup” rather than having to insert it rather uncomfortably.

    Neither designer has taken into consideration differences in anatomy between one woman and another – in the case of the Whizz hasn’t taken into consideration women’s anatomy at all!

    Could do better – well I could anyway.

  • Beks

    I used mine in one of those forests with no bushes, only miles of tree trunks, my husband found it very weird seeing me pee standing up with clothes on from behind (but he got over it).
    Its a great emergency backup, and the psychology of the start it quite difficult to get your head round, but once you’re underway its ok.
    These are also invaluable items to have in a rucksack when skiing – for those continental hole in the ground type toilets in mountain cafes. A Shewee, dry salopetts/straps/coat sleeves etc and a smug feeling.

  • Arabella B

    Oddest wees were half way up a mountain in Lebanon with troops everywhere and I had no idea which nationality they were so I could not ask them to avert their eyes…. needs must, and a long coat assisted with my modesty. The other was a multi-directional porcelain contraption laid flat in the ground in a unisex no lock debacle called a toilet in South Korea. I was desperate but so perplexed I took half an hour deciding which way I should position myself as the room was tiny and triangular (in the corner of the room) with no perceivable holds with which to stop oneself falling askew

    As for the sheewee, I see no possible use unless you are contained in a large crowd with no escape or careering down the M1 with the Fuzz chasing after you and unable to stop. I have not experienced either and tend to be better prepared. During a trip on the Nile I foresaw the dangers of helping myself to beer on a freezing cold day and was able to guffaw unashamedly as my fellow companions were forced to use a cesspit complete with hose wielding native who required payment for the privilege. I hope all possibility of lack of foresight is a thing of my past but the pretty pink container could be used keep ones lipstick dry.

    Perhaps correctional facilities and nursing homes would be larger target markets.