Sherpa – Tharkey Zip Tee

I am possibly a marketer’s worst nightmare because the moment I smell a whiff of spin or publicity I’m off in the opposite direction. Which may be part of the reason I’ve always bypassed the Sherpa range. The whole “ancient wisdom meets modern technology” thing is not for me.

But, when I was asked to review one of their tops I graciously assented!

So, here’s the thing. I’ve been a fool to avoid the Sherpa range if this Sherpa Tharkey Zip Tee is representative of their brand. This is an absolutely fantastic piece of kit.


I’ve been wearing the long sleeved top for all sorts of activities, from running to hiking, from dog walking to just keeping warm in the winter, and it out performs any other base/technical layer I have ever worn.

It is hugely versatile.

It is beautifully cut.

It’s made to the highest quality.

It performs…keeping you warm, dry (from sweat), and odour free thanks to its funky anti-pong technology.

I was hoping to be able to ridicule it a bit, because the marketing blurb about it makes so many proclamations for its wonderfulness. But you know what? Everything written about this top is true.

It is THAT good.

The Tharkey Zip Tee part of Sherpa’s Khangri Alpine series – this kit is “athlete-inspired” – and I can see why they write that when it comes to this top. It’s cut to fit the female form. It nips in at the waist, it’s longer at the back to tuck into your knickers, it’s not too tight across the chest…and it really performs excellently as a running top.


It is made of a sort of “high-performance honeycomb doubleweave for superior temperature control” – which means when you first get hold of it in your hands it feels a bit odd: sort of soft and smooth on the outside, and a bit bumpy on the inside. But once it’s on your body it’s really comfortable. And the whole honeycomb doubleweave fabric does indeed keep you warm…or, cool actually!

What else can I tell you?

Well, it’s marketed as having a Napoleon pocket – but mine had an arm pocket instead – so, not sure what happened there?

I do think a Napoleon pocket is useful on a top layer, but it’s not essential on a base layer. What’s more, as a woman, having wonky boobs is not a look I aspire to so am happy mine came with an arm pocket – just big enough for my car’s key or my tiny ipod.

I must note one thing however. Those pesky PR people say the pocket has “a media porthole” and that’s the kind of thing that makes me want to be sick. A media ****ing porthole. Oh for goodness sake. It’s got a small hole to poke your headphones through…

Right, what else? It has a zip that comes right down to your belly button, so you can get it over your head without messing up your hair. It washes really well…but here’s the thing, you don’t have to wash it all that often as it has been treated with “permanent Polygiene” which “inhibits the growth of odor-causing microorganisms” and “which utilizes natural silver salts to inhibit odors caused by bacterial growth so your clothes stay fresh for longer periods.”


This means if you’re in the backcountry on a major hike, or stuck up a mountain for a couple of days, you can just wear on and you won’t honkadoodledo.

I massively rate this top. It’s technically advanced, it does do what it says it does, which is a lot, and it’s nicely cut, featuring funky bright piping details to make it a bit more interesting to look at as well.

Top marks to Sherpa – I will be giving your brand more than just a second look from now on.

5-hammers Price: £70
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