SealSkinz – Thin Mid Calf Waterproof Socks

A GearWeAre Guest Review by Jodie

Andy got a pair of SealSkinz waterprooof socks to review and I have to say I snatched them out of his hands before he really got a good look.
The reason for my enthusiasm being that, during a recent monsoonal motorbike trip to France, a friend had a pair with them and I spent every downpour being insanely jealous, wishing I had a pair as my bike boots were making a seive look watertight by comparison.
There is nothing quite as soul-sapping as having wet feet, or even having to slide dry socks into wet boots the morning after.

I ‘ve worn these SealSkinz every day since I snatched them and mother nature has been helping with the test by chucking it down with rain. The SealSkinz have not let me down.

The socks feel slightly damp on the outside when I take my boots off but the insides – and most importantly my feet/everyday pair of socks/ tights, are completely dry – totally brilliant.

You do have to remember to air them (rather than wedging them into my boots) during the day to let them dry out as I suspect they’ll get a bit pongy other wise. I certainly haven’t worn them all day – just during the ride to/from the office.

The length of sock is perfect for my bike boots; finishing at the same height (mid calf), so there’s no chafing on bare flesh.

They feel a bit crinkly – like an empty crisp packet – to touch but feel soft once on your feet (Andy: This is because they’re constructed in 3-layers, with the middle layer being essentially a plastic bag which separates inner-sock from outer-sock).

SUMMARY: These socks are completely waterproof and they’re my new every-day wear for bike commuting. They’re a loose fit, so I wouldn’t wear this model for trekking (SealSkinz do other models for that), but as an over-sock they are perfect. Highly recommended for bikers, campers and anyone else who lacks wellies in the wet!

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  • Dawn

    As the friend with the sealskins in France, I'd just like to add that I have done long-term tests in my seriously un-waterproof bike boots and have never suffered the slightest bit of dampness while wearing them, even when paddling about in a pool of rainwater inside the aforementioned boots for upwards of four hours.

    Best. Waterproof. Socks. Ever. 🙂

  • Christopher Trafford

    Could be just the socks i`m after.Had the same problem on my bike.Bit pricey but if they do the biz it will be worth it.Think I will check out the trekking ones to.

  • Steve Mac

    Had a pair of these for a number of years, they’re great for being stood still in, but they’re not the best for waling in. I found they tend to lead to hot spots and blisters quite quickly, better of walking in wet feet.

  • Best socks i ever invested in! keep me warm and dry through out the day without fail