SealSkinz – Dragon Eye Glove

I suffer from cold hands so have been looking for a pair of good all-round gloves for a while. I have used the Sealskinz Performance Activity Glove before during my Bushcraft sessions but didn’t find them suitable for my role in Lowland Rescue so I decided to give the Dragon Eye gloves a go.


Just to explain: During Bushcraft sessions I am cutting wood, building shelters, lighting fires etc. so need a pair of gloves that will sometimes take a bit of a battering. But, whilst I do my Lowland Rescue role I need a pair of gloves that will keep my hands warm and dry but also strong enough to keep out the brambles/stinging nettles etc. But these also need to allow me to use my iPad – I use digital mapping from Viewranger so a pair of gloves that are hard wearing and touchscreen friendly are required.

The official blurb from Sealskinz for the Dragon Eye Glove seemed to tick all the boxes: “Our best selling low-profile close-fitting hard-wearing glove, offering excellent dexterity for a wide range of activities”. The gloves are made from a mixture of Polyster, Nylon, Neoprene & Spandex for the outer. They have a Micro-pourous Membrane and the inner is Polyster.

I had only used the gloves on one Bushcraft session. It was with about 50 primary school children and we were building a shelter so I was required to ensure there were enough bits of wood for them to “find” and bring to the shelter and construct it. The gloves fitted great, thanks to Sealskinz sizing chart on their website, and my hands were nice and warm despite it being about 4 – 6 degrees that day. The gloves were close fitting enough to allow all tasks to be completed without having to remove them even during some of the more fiddly jobs (using a Ferro Rod to light a fire).

It was at the end of the day while I was singing the praises of the gloves to my better half that she pointed out that part of the material used on one of the fingers had been damaged! The material -which can only been described as being part of the “hard wearing” area – had torn. Now, I admit I didn’t use kid gloves (pun intended) during the day but moving a few bits of wood around shouldn’t come under the Hard Wearing heading! I was a little disappointed but to be honest, it didn’t and doesn’t affect the use of the glove.


Onto the next role; Search training with Lowland Rescue. I found myself out for the day assessing a couple of new recruits during their search training exercise. I am required to keep track of where they search and take notes during the day. The Dragon Eye Glove was excellent. I was able to use the iPad for navigation while keeping notes on the progress of the new recruits all while having nice warm and dry hands. There were no issues using the iPad, the gloves proved very touchscreen friendly and close fitting enough for me to write my notes.

Overall, I love these gloves. I have been searching (pun intended again) for a pair of gloves that do exactly what these gloves do for a while. I have tried using “connectivity thread” on a pair of my favourite gloves but the Sealskinz Dragon Eye Glove are the ones I have been waiting for.

Now, to convince the financial manager that I need two pairs so I don’t have to remember to take them out of my Bushcraft kit and put them in my Search kit or vice versa!!