Sea to Summit -X-pot

We were granted an exclusive preview of the latest product to join the X-Series cup, bowl and plate line-up, which we know have been a staunch favourite of many GWA readers.

The X-pot doesn’t disappoint. Featuring the silicon folding feature of the bowl etc, this has a metal base meaning that it can be used directly on your stove.

X Pot

The lid is made from a clear plastic so you can watch your pasta busy bubbling away, and then without having to remove the lid you can drain the aforementioned italian foodstuff through the handy in-built holes.

The lid also becomes a useful trivet meaning you can put the pot down without buring the bottom of your tent etc, as the stainless bottom will retain its heat from having been on the stove.

The pot has been designed so that size-wise it can be stacked in with the rest of your x-pot range.

The demo version we saw is still undergoing some fettling by Sea To Summits design team, but they are aiming to launch in March 2015.

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  • stu theobald

    Interesting stuff, I saw this in passing too and was struck at what a good idea it is; lightweight, collapsible and you can heat it too….winning combination 🙂