Sea to Summit X-Plate

Waaaaay back in September I took a look at the Sea to Summit X-Mug which I labelled “dead good”. Chiefly because it was. In fact it still is. It’s an essential part of camping nowadays – just like Mrs Muz.
However there are two of them in our camping kit whereas there’s only one Mrs Muz. They broke the mould, et cetera…

Squished and unsquished. That's not even a word.

In said review I mentioned that we didn’t have the accompanying X-Plates or X-Bowls so, quick as a flash, 10 months later, we were sent a couple of X-Plates. Sadly the X-Bowls must have got lost in the post.
Nevertheless we were keen to give them a test drive while pitched up in a field near Cirencester recently, and what better way to take their culinary virginity than with some of Andy’s Spam hash?

“But what is an X-Plate?” I hear you ask. Go on – say it. I’m writing nothing more until you say it. I don’t care if you’re in the office surrounded by people. Say. It.

Thank you. Okay, basically an X-Plate is a plate, although you probably guessed that already. It’s a plate for clumsy sods like me who have a habit of pinging morsels of food in every direction other than towards my gaping maw. The pop-up sides prevent that, you see, and keep everything where it should be.

Deep enough to keep Andy's Spam hash in its place

Just like the X-Mug, the main body is made from moulded flexible food grade silicone which concertinas up and down so you can squish the plate flat for storage or unsquish it up when you’re ready to serve your grub. In its fully erect state it’s deeper than you might expect, although not quite deep enough to be a bowl. Like Goldilocks said (the chav who burgled the bears’ house), it’s just right. The base is tough plastic which doubles as a small round chopping board too, meaning the X-Plate is more than just a pretty face.
Designed so that they can be stored in harmony with X-Mugs, X-Bowls and X-Cups (which I didn’t even know existed until a few weeks ago – review coming soon), the range is available in a variety of colours – blue, black, green, red and my favourite, orange.
At around 15 quid they’re not cheap but they’re tough, don’t stink, stain or scratch (that’s the silicone, that is) and they’re a great talking point cos everyone wants to play with them.
And how many plates do you own that people want to fondle, eh?

SUMMARY: A pop-up plate which saves a heap of space by squishing flat when you’re not using it. Just like the X-Mug it’s dead good, although you’ll have to shell out a few more shekels for it.

Price: £13.95
More info:

  • Good name, great idea. Looks like a dog bowl though.

    • Andy

      It makes an excellent dog bowl.
      I know this for a fact because my dog licked Muz’s plate clean when he was still in bed one morning.