Sea to Summit X-Mug

Camping mugs. Can you think of anything more boring?

They’re always scratched on the bottom, usually have a tiny sharp bit on the rim that catches your lip and they smell a bit… funny. A vague odour of plastic mixed with something more sinister. Quite a lot like Katie Price in that respect, I guess. Not that I’ve smelled her recently. Or ever. I’m not even sure I’d like to, to be perfectly honest.

Anyway, the biggest problem with those ordinary plastic cups is that they take up space when they’re packed. Sure, you can stick a balled-up pair of socks in them or throw them in a carrier bag with the teabags and milk, but it’s not ideal if you’re backpacking and need things to be accessible.
Enter the Sea to Summit X-Mug.
Moulded from food grade silicone (no, you can’t eat it, stupid) it’s cleverly ridged so that it collapses in on itself and becomes a flat disc when you’re not using it. A hard plastic ring around the lip keeps the whole thing circular and gives you something to grip while you’re drinking without burning your fingers and, well, that’s all really. What else can you say about a mug? Oh, there are numbers at intervals inside to let you know how much liquid is in, if that’s what floats your boat.
It holds the equivalent of about two normal cups (almost half a litre), comes in blue, green, pink or orange and is part of an X range. Apparently it fits in to the X- Bowl and X-Plate, both of which also collapse although I’m not sure how much more a plate can be collapsed, really.
SUMMARY: I don’t have the plate or bowl (yet) but I do have an X-Mug, and it’s dead good. It holds liquid, squishes flat and swills out without leaving an evil whiff behind. What more could you need?
They’re not the cheapest mugs in the world, but when you’re pressed for space they’re the donkey’s knob.

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  • Sue

    But do they feel nice to drink from?

  • Muz

    Oh, yes. Like supping nectar from a virgin's slipper… or something.