Scruffs – Womens Executive Jacket

My first impression of the Scruffs Executive jacket was of a nice, fitted, lightweight work coat in black with a contrasting pink zip and pull cord at the waist, and elasticated cuffs.



The pink details are the only design features to hint that it’s a woman’s jacket. It has a lovely soft, grey fleece lining which is also inside the hood. The main zip is pink and over the top of this it has a zipped storm flap which helps keep the wind and water out. It has four, zipped pockets – three external and one internal – with the two main external pockets having silver reflective material around the zips.

The two main zips on the front of the jacket and the two main pockets have good-sized long tags on them which make them easy to use, even with gloves on.

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I really love the length of this jacket as I have quite a short body and coats tend to look either massive or simply much too long on me but this one sits nicely just above my butt. My top half is size 14 and it fits nicely round my DD’s without being restrictive or too tight.

Being black it has the benefit of being good at hiding the dirt. However, being black it could benefit from reflective detail on the back somewhere to improve night time visibility – there is a seam across the back of the shoulders which could be an ideal place to put it.

I started wearing this jacket before spring arrived and straight away it was obvious to me that despite the claims of the Executive Jacket being a ‘go everywhere, do anything’ winter coat – this isn’t up to a British winter, despite the built in fleece lining, as I felt the cold quite quickly and had to put on extra layers underneath to stay warm. The extra layers meant the jacket was then too tight so it isn’t really for cold weather without getting one that’s a size too big to accommodate the extra layers – bear that in mind.

I also noticed that it doesn’t seem to have much breathability –  I found myself getting sweaty whilst wearing it and I haven’t had that problem with other jackets I’ve worn.

One thing to bear in mind is that, because the jacket is fleece-lined, it can grip some midlayers. I was wearing a thin fleece top underneath and this gripped the fleece lining of the jacket making the under garment rise up around my chest.

After three weeks of wear I noticed a strange thing happening to the outer shell underneath the arms. The constant rubbing in this area seems to have caught the fibres of the insulating material inside the jacket – between the outer layer and the lining – and they have started to come through the outer shell in a bobbling effect. It looks unsightly and is obviously a design flaw that could do with being looked at. If this happened after only three weeks I can only conclude that it would be much worse after extended use. The other problem was a split seam on the left hand cuff which, considering it hasn’t had a lot of use, points to a slightly poor finish.

Overall this is a good looking jacket which at first appeared to be just what I was looking for but sadly it turned out to be a bit of a disappointment.

2-hammers Price: £49.96
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