SAS Survival Handbook

If you were unlucky enough to find yourself marooned deep in backcountry, with no food or water and a cold night ahead of you before rescue, you could use this little book in two ways to help you survive.
The first way would be to tear out about 50 of the 384 pages and arrange them in a large SOS pattern in a handy forest clearing, before using the remainder to throw at and stun a grazing rabbit. Then you could paper-cut the rabbit down using the sturdy softback covers, and finally rub 2 pages together really quickly to make a fire, and burn the last of the pages to keep warm and cook Bugs.
Or secondly, you could open up the book, flick to the section on forest survival, and after 20 minutes reading find out how and where to get water, which of those tasty looking berries will kill you in interesting ways and how to use trees to fashion a 4-star habitation.
This book is simply brilliant. It contains more information than you’ll ever need (unless perhaps there is a zombie apocolypse and we all have to go and live in the woods) and fits in the side-pocket of a daypack.
The book is written by a chap called Lofty, who was the Chief Survival Instructor for the SAS, and illustrated superbly with colour pictures of plants, berries and other edibles (and inedibles). And the simple illustrations of how to tie knots, set traps, administer first-aid and build shelter are fascinating even if you’re never likely to have to make them yourself.
If you’ve never seen this book before, and you’re in the slightest bit interested in the outdoors, it could be the perfect stocking-filler this Christmas.
SUMMARY: I actually own two of these books. One sits in the bathroom as perfect dip-in reading for those ‘meditational times’ and the other I take camping and practice some of the fun stuff within. For very little money you get a genuinely interesting, extremely useful little book. Worth every penny. And the iPhone App is also excellent (but less useful when you’ve killed your phone).

The FREE iPhone App (SAS Survival Lite) contains a great free taster of what the book is about, and most of the first chapter entitled ‘Essentials’.
Price : £5 / $13
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