Salomon – X Ultra 2 GTX

I’ve had many a conversation with my other half about shoes. She is all about the looks, and I’m all about the practicality and comfort. But I think that Salomon have made a shoe in the X Ultra 2 GTX that we can both agree on. Luckily, it comes in more colours than the ‘Spring Green’ I got them in, as I’m not sure we’d have agreed otherwise.


I like them because they are comfortable (for my shape of feet, yours are more than likely different), light weight and are packed with nice little features. My favourite thing on these shoes is the Quicklace system. It is a very strong and minimalistic lacing system that is very simple to do up, and undo. And to try and reduce the risk of you tripping up, Salomon have put a lace pocket at the top of the tongue for you to tuck the laces into.

Salomon use their own Contragrip sole on the X Ultra 2 GTX. It’s got deep lugs on, which increases the grip when you are trudging through mud. But it also gives really good grip when you are on pavements and rocks. The rubber appears to be pretty hard wearing too. After a couple of months constantly wearing these shoes, the soles are only just starting to look like they’ve been worn.

Walking shoes offer a lot more flexibility than boots. These are flexible enough to make it feel like you aren’t wearing a boot, but offers enough support to make you feel comfortable on more rough terrain. Salomon incorporate an Advanced Chassis into the shoe, which works to keep your foot stable and help make walking as easy as possible. Sometimes when you are out walking, you know that you are wearing shoes. With these on your feet you feel like you could walk all day without even thinking about your shoes.


These are the waterproof version of the X Ultra 2 shoes.  Salomon have used the Gore-Tex (that’s why they have GTX on the end of the name) Performance Comfort membrane which is designed to keep your feet dry in the usual British weather. As with all Gore Tex membranes, it keeps the water from outside out (unless it goes over the top!) and it lets moisture your foot creates out. Now, I don’t usually go for a Gore-Tex shoe in the summer. My feet usually get too hot, uncomfortable and a little smelly. But I’ve enjoyed wearing these, and my feet haven’t smelt too bad. Even through the slightly warmer weather we’ve had.

These feel like a well-constructed shoe. The main material used is tough, and this is bolstered by a protective rubber toecap and mudguard around the bottom of the shoe. Despite this, and a rugged sole, the shoe is quite light at 454g for one size 9.5.

The Salomon X Ultra 2 GTX have become my go to shoes. They are a light, comfortable and solid pair of shoes.