Ruffwear – Quencher Dog Bowl

I feed my dog dry food, which means that he drinks a lot during the day, and in particular on some of our longer walks where for every one of my miles he’s doing three as he chases squirrels and runs under mountain bikers’ wheels.

It’s thirsty work, all this running around, so unless it’s been very rainy – when he’s quite happy drinking from puddles – I like to carry some water and a bowl. We’ve tried carrying a water-bottle with a clever dispenser, but he tends to drink much less when we use that and compensate with a mammoth water ingestion when we get home. I’m not sure that’s so good for him, so I favour carrying a bigger bowl, and the Ruffwear Quencher is just about perfect.


Made from very rugged Cordura-like fabrics, the Quencher is waterproof-lined and will contain a whole meal or litre of water without any spillage.

It sits squat on the floor and yet stable enough that water won’t splash out everywhere. I’m quite happy taking it to friends’ houses as something for SamtheDog to drink from there and not worry about their flooring.

Weighing in at not an awful lot, the Quencher has a small loop so it can be attached to the outside of your daypack, or tied down when the weather is windy. And it also features a reflective banding around the lip so that you can reduce the probability of stepping in it when camping.

The Quencher, being soft, can easily be turned inside-out in order to dry it in the sun.

SUMMARY: The Ruffwear Quencher is an adaptable and rugged little dog bowl which is perfect for use on the trail, camping and anywhere where you’re not at home. It’s pretty much unbreakable and easy to clean and carry. What’s not to like?

 Price: £11-15 (different sizes)
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