Rud – I-SOCK snow and ice shoe covers

We’ve tested a bunch of snow and ice shoe covers last year from Pogu, Ice Trekkers and Ice Grips, but these new I-Socks from German snow-chain manufacturer RUD are different in that they don’t rely on metal spikes to dig in to the slippery stuff, but rather like the snow socks you can get for car tyres, they rely on friction material.

It’s a weird feeling material. Rough to the touch, but not as abrasive as you might think. You can rub it with your hand as hard as you like and not hurt yourself, but the hundreds of raised fibres which look like they have microscopic metal filaments wrapped around them really do grip well to compacted snow.

They come supplied in a little pouch, which is a thing of beauty that will hang via a carabiner in your car or porch until you need them. And there they live until you need them. And unlike all the other snow-shoes we’ve tested, the I-Sock is flat so you can drive and walk around your house whilst they’re still on your feet – that’s a great bonus.

The edges of the I-sock are sealed with a red plastic to stop the material fraying, and they’re really very easy to fit over shoes and boots via a set of elasticated straps. To ease things for those of you with less dexterity, they have a large loop at the heel to help pull them on. They’re held quite securely in place by a velcro strap and don’t seem to be phased by the flexing and bending of walking.

It’s the first day of snow down here in GWAville, and the I-Socks have coped admirably on the light dusting of slippery snow. RUD themselves say that the I-Sock is best on ice, where it really does excel over the competition. As soon as we have some testing done on ice, we’ll update this review.

The I-Sock is available in 2 sizes. We have the large size shown above on a size 9 boot, but RUD says they will work up to a UK 12.

SUMMARY: Snow and Ice shoe slip-ons that can be worn whilst you drive or go shopping. A brilliant idea for elderly or frail people who would be more susceptible to injury on slippery snow, and just as useful for any of us who drive or walk in the cold stuff. Slightly more expensive than some of the cheap snow-spikes, but the advantage that you don’t need to take them off is attractive.